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Sansa c200Sandisk has unveiled a new Sansa c200 series entry level mp3 player to supersede the c100 series released earlier this year.  The new Sandisk C-series is 1.3” x 3.1” x 0.6” in size and weighs in at 1.51oz including the battery.  The full color display measures 1.4” diagonal and displays album, artist and song info, as well as digital photos. The user-replaceable battery supplies around 15hrs use. The unit comes equipped with a microSD slot for expansion beyond the internal flash and features an FM tuner/recorder with 20 presetns and a voice recorder. Supported audio formats include MP3, WMA and protected WMA DRM, as well as other Audible formats. The player uses a standard USB 2.0 interface for transfers.

The Sansa c200 series comes in two flavors, the c240 with 1GB internal flash and the c250 with 2GB internal flash.  They are competitively priced at $79.99 and $99.99 respectively.

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Sprint Treo 700wx

Sprint has finally unleashed the Treo 700wx today, which we have all but been waiting for over the past few weeks. The Treo 700wx sports EV-DO/1xRTT, 128MB NVRAM, 240x240 touchscreen, XScale 312MHz processor, a full QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth support, and the standard 1.3 megapixel camera. It runs Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC edition, and is, you know, a Treo. The 700wx sports double the RAM of the Treo 700w on Verizon, but everything else is pretty much in line. Of course, Sprint has had the Treo 700p available for a while now - but if you just gotta have that Pocket PC goodness, now is your chance if you are on Sprint.

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TabletWhile we’re on the subject of all things froggish, can it really be 25 years since the hatching of Frogger? In honor of the event, PDP (Performance Designed Products) and Konami have teamed up to create the “Tablet”, a portable gaming system that will be available to North American retailers in September. Housed in a round shell, the Tablet contains 25 8-bit classic games at a SRP of $29.99. Available in four colors, the system features a 2.0” backlit TFT LCD display screen.
Paul Chen, VP of Licensing and Content at PDP claims, “Additional 8-bit games on the ‘Tablet’ offer even more retro fun for older gamers who played these games decades ago, along with new gamers who will be introduced to them for the first time.”

For an additional $9.99, you can purchase an A/V cable for plug ‘n play capabilities on your TV. This kit also includes a protective case so that our favorite amphibian remains dust free and ready dodge cars and gators when you are. For a sneakpeak at other games included, check out the interactive website: http://www.vgpocket.com/.

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StarFox CommandNintendo’s senior marketing VP George Harrison has announced that their Wi-Fi connection has surpassed the 2 million mark in just nine months of operation. He also claims that the service has logged more than 70 million individual game sessions.

“Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection continues to set the standard for easy, fun and safe wireless gaming,” says Harrison. “Our hand-held leadership will continue unabated with today’s launch of StarFox Command.”

Just in case you have forgotten, Fox McCloud has been around the Lylat system since the 90’s, fighting the Lylar armada with some rather gregarious and chatty compadres in what is essentially a shoot-em-up-by-plane game. StarFox Command for Nintendo DS was released today at an MSRP of $29.95 and is rated E10+.

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Not a periscope, but ...Now this is a powerful device. The ZScanner 700 looks heavy-duty, and it certainly is. It will also take a toll on your finances.

The handheld unit can make a three-dimensional polygon mesh of anything in just a few minutes. The ZScanner 700 comes with a set of reflective markers, which you attach to your target. Hook up the scanner to your laptop and sit back and watch. Using lasers and dual cameras, the scanner will zip a scan of the object to your computer. Once you have the image, you can do everything you’d expect to be able to, including rotating, burning and dodging, reducing resolution, and all kinds of other fun tricks. It’s all 3D, and it’s one continuous scan.

Designed primarily for the medical community, ths ZScanner 700 would also fit well in the hands of a heavy-duty graphic designer.

You’ll pay a pretty penny for this one, though. Pricing starts at $39,000 USD.

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Green Apple AP3100Green Apple isn’t an Apple Computer knockoff or even an obscure Beatles record label. No, it’s a Chinese electronics manufacturer, one that’s come out with an intriguing new handheld device that does audio, video, and games.

The AP3100 does MP3s, WMAs, and even FLACs, for all your audio needs - WAV file aficionados wouldn’t be looking for something so small-time, anyway. For video, you get AVI, DivX, and even XviD. To that A/V combination they add a 1.3-megapixel camera; again, not the top of the line, but a fully functional option for a good part of your portable shooting needs.

The Green Apple have nearly filled the device with the LCD, which is a rather large-looking 3.6 inches. That’s good because you can also play Super Nintendo games on this thing.

The one sort of annoying thing about this device is that the startup memory is just 512MB. The Nintendo games that you download might end up hogging that memory, and those audio and especially video files tend to add up. The SD slot for expansion is a welcome sight, but we would have liked to see more memory to start with.

No word on price yet. That will come when the handheld hits the shelves, probably in a few weeks.

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Picture PorterIt fits in your hand, and it’s much more than a pretty face.

It’s the Picture Porter Elite from Digital Foci, and it’s being billed as a multimedia convergence device. You can listen to MP3s or pull in the nearest FM radio stations with the built-in FM tuner. Video functions include the digital photo album and a video player. You can see MPEGs, WMV9s, and even MJPEGs. You can see all manner of still image formats. And you can even record directly from a TV.

The resolution (320x240) is rather good for such a small screen (3.5 inches). A memory card reader accepts virtually every format. You can also print those beautiful photos directly to a PictBridge-compatible printer. Windows, Mac, or Linux? It doesn’t matter because this device can connect to computers running all three operating systems.

The two models are the same except for their memory capacity and their price tags. The 40GB model goes for US$449, and you can pick up the 80GB model for not much more, US$549.

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ZuneFinally, Microsoft has given up some details on the Zune, the most significant detail being the confirmation that it exists. In an article in Billboard Magazine, the company reveals that Zune is much more than just a digital media player, but rather a family of hardware and software products which integrate various forms of digital entertainment services. The first implementation of this will be the portable music player and digital music service, which is essentially Microsoft’s first real attempt at going head to head with the Apple’s iTunes and iPod one-two punch combo. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can put a dent in Apple’s 70% market share in digital music downloads, and 75% of the entire digital music player scene. If anyone has the pockets to do it, it’s them. Before counting them out, remember that the Xbox was nothing more than a joke when we first heard about it in 1999, and today it’s at the forefront of the game industry.

EDIT: A couple of official Zune related sites: Zune Insider, Coming Zune, and Madison and Pine

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Microsoft Zune

So, if the rumor mill is to be believed, Microsoft’s Zune should be launching this October, ready to get jacked on your trick-or-treat romp through the neighborhood. While others are hearing rumblings of a November launch date, one thing is for sure. If the Zune is to launch this year, it will hit retail by Black Friday. No one launches anything after Thanksgiving, as retailers want to plan out their holiday setup before the end of November. So, the good news is that this thing will drop by November. Other items of note appear to be that the Alexandria codename we have been hearing about may turn out to be the music and video service associated with the product. Not sure why Microsoft wouldn’t just play along with URGE here, since they have been pushing it pretty hard over the past month or so, but I guess we will all find out when all this conjecture becomes verified.

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PowerStation Cable OrganizerWith everything from Blackberrys to PDAs to Cellphones, is it any wonder why a desk can get cluttered with all the mobile gadgets one needs to stay wired to the office throughout the day?  Not to mention the power plug issues that come with trying to charge up more than two of said gadgets simultaneously?

ThinkGeek has the answer with The PowerStation Cable Organizer, which promises to clean up all that clutter and charge up your gear lickety split.  The PowerStation comes with the capability to charge up to three devices, using its inner power strip, and also comes with an extra short AC cord to accommodate oversized adapters.  It’s adjustable rubber dividers lock any mobile gadget in place, and cable ties are included for tidy internal cable management.

At $19.99, it’s a slam dunk of a deal.

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