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World's Smallest GPS ReceiverRakon, a New Zealand based company, has developed the smallest GPS receiver in the world.  This is in hopes that hardware developers will start thinking in the mindset of the public, and their demand for smaller GPS devices.  What is astounding is that the receiver outperforms their previous models which are, of course, larger in size.  This is good news for the consumer since the receiver is built out of low cost materials, which will hopefully mean no enormous rise in retail prices.  How small is it?  They claim it to be as small as a baby’s fingernail.

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GlobalSat GV-201.jpgIf you looking for a more versatile stand alone GPS system, the GV-201 from GlobalSat may be for you.  Coming in February, it features a 4 inch touch screen display and voice guided directions.  It uses GlobalSat’s much applauded chipset in the SiRF Star III.  What makes this GPS different from others is its ability to display photos, listen to MP3’s, and watch MP4 video via an SD Card Storage Slot built into the device.  Not a bad way to get lost.

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GlobalSat's SDIO GPS Receiver.jpgThe SD-502 GPS dongle supersedes it predecessor SD-501 by including 512 MB of built-in memory, allowing for tracking signals and storing data. This is a good way to keep the memory on your PDA free, using the onboard memory GPS for storing maps and such. The device works on Pocket PC 2003, Win CE.Net, and Windows Mobile 2003 operating systems.  On a normal day it will cost you about $150 USD.

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BC-337 SiRF Star IIIThe first of 3 new GPS Technologies released by GlobalSat - known for their receivers - is the BC-337 SiRF Star III.  A Compact Flash or PCMCIA based GPS, the BC-377 is designed to fit into you PDA and such fulfilling your GPS needs.  It features voice prompted turn-by-turn mapping.  It’ll cost you about $90 for this navigational peace of mind.

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