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Ban Ki-MoonThree hackers broke into the United Nation’s website this past weekend, posting the message, “Hey Ysrail and Usa dont kill children and other people Peace for ever No war.”  Identifying themselves as “kerem125,”  “Gsy,” and “MOsted,” this and other messages were posted on pages that were used for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. That same group claims to have hacked into several websites. After taking down the “offensive” pages, the original words were put back. Although we are not sure we agree with the means, it seems to have been intended as a caring end.

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SpamHave you ever wondered how you get on spam lists? Aside from the obvious way of signing up for sites and having them spread around your name and e-addy, we received this scam

offer in our e-mail for a list of almost 800,000 licensed MDs in the U.S. from Denmark. It features over 17,000 e-mail addresses as well as primary and secondary specialties fields, first and last name, title, address (city, state, zip, and county), medical school attended, location of residency training, phone, fax, website, graduation year, and hospital or group association. The price for this supposed prize is $397.00 and comes with a bonus list of hospitals, dentists, and other health related industries tossed into the deal. How’s that for feeling a Big Brother pinch?

LaSorda and Nardelli

Detroit’s Daimler Chrysler has revealed that Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot, is to be their new head honcho. In a locally televised cutaway this morning from local programming featuring him and Tom LaSorda, who is now taking the #2 spot in the company, we noticed plenty of smiling and calling each other by first names while fielding media questions. This move certainly leads us to believe that the beleaguered company feels that there is more at stake here than just having a competitive product. Perhaps they will concentrate a little more on public relations, reinforcing their reputation, and saving autoworkers’ jobs here in the U.S.


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MyDeathSpace Map

Mike Patterson, a 26 year-old paralegal from San Francisco, wondered what happened to two recently killed teens who had pages on MySpace. That incident led into his creating a living journal online with publicly available information which he decided to call MyDeathSpace . Anyone with a computer can submit an obituary or remembrance for a loved one, which already lists over 2,700 dearly departed and gets over 100,000 hits a day.

The site has received so much publicity that the server has gone down several times but it seems to be stabilized now. If you would like to add your own virtual comments about someone you loved or would like details of its “members,” we suggest you do so remembering that we believe the viewpoint is a tribute to those deceased.


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McDonalds DeliveryHow does McDonalds compete with Burger King’s recent success with its tie in to The Simpsons Movie? They offer free delivery, at least in Brooklyn and the Bronx in New York. There is no charge for businesses and residences. You order online, following the trend of many other fast food restaurants, especially pizza. We notice our fries are not always all that fresh just getting it from the drive-thru window to our mouths, so in the time it takes to deliver we think we will just grab our usual yogurt for lunch and save the carbs.

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By now, most of you have probably heard about Oscar, the cat who resides in the Providence, Rhode Island Steer House and seems to know who will die next. In fact, we saw another report about it last night that showed an elderly gentleman who was relieved when the feline didn’t hang around in a room of a friend that he frequented. Oscar’s record now stands at more than an astounding 25.

What we find really interesting is that even the New England Journal of Medicine is paying attention. Dr. David M. Dosa’s article practically screams sensationalism. We are frankly wondering why has no one really noticed how intuitive animals can be, perhaps because they don’t speak English. We bet that you Gear Livers already know that your dogs and/or cats know your moods, sometimes better than you know yourself, and you don’t need any scientific data or techno-babble to tell you how this works.

(Thanks, Mike)


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Blockbuster logoboxing glovesNetflix logo

If you are a Netflix devotee, you may have noticed that the site was down for over 12 hours this week, but what you may not be aware of is the fact that their stock price hit the lowest it has in over two years. Lowering monthly fees by $1.00 and thereby losing profits is one of the company’s attempts to compete with the mega-giant Blockbuster. Yesterday their stock dropped to $15.62 then rebounded to $16.10 (a loss of 6.8%) as an indication of stockholders’ distress. Statistics also indicate that last month they had a decrease of 55,000 subscribers since April. They may lose even more profit as they invest in new tech to allow online movies that can be viewed on TV via high-speed Internet connections.

The company has had its share of problems since Blockbuster offered the option to swap DVDs at their stores instead of waiting for the mail. We love Netflix for its originality and are not thrilled with the fact that they may be knocked down because of that glorious concept known as competition. We have watched our neighbor video stores crumble because of Blockbuster’s large scale takeover efforts and hope that the beleaguered rival can take a bite back and retain its standing.


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Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsMommy, make them stop! We are frankly tired of hearing about whether or not actual facts have been leaked about “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Scholastic Corporation is reportedly suing book distributer Levy Home Entertainment and DeepDiscount.com for leaking information, pictures, and advanced copies before the book’s American debut at 12:01 a.m. (0401 GMT) on Saturday. Most of us realize that negative publicity can often be just as beneficial as positive PR and suspect that this is no exception. We rate it right up there with the whereabouts of Paris Hilton at any given moment.

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Philips ActilumeRoyal Philips Electronics has just launched a global campaign dubbed asimpleswitch.com. The site suggests that if each of us pledges to change 3 energy-saving bulbs we will save 984 kg of CO2 and approximately €288 (~$397.00.) We assume that means per year, although it isn’t mentioned. They also suggest Philips products, such as their Actilume system, to help you save energy and offer a suggestions how you can “start a movement” or “take action.”
We’re all for giving credit where it is due, but in this instance we may have a brighter idea. We’re thinking that if this very large corporation just took the money they sank into the website and the publicity around it and just gave every household one lightbulb, they would be doing a heck of a lot more than just chatting about it or hawking their wares.

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No SprintWord has it that Sprint has a few lessons to learn when it comes to public service. June 29, it sent out letters to customers telling them it would shut off service effective July 30, claiming “the number of inquiries you have made to us during this time has led us to determine that we are unable to meet your current wireless needs.”

After noting this again on one of our local stations, we understood this to mean that about 1000 subscribers calling the company too many times in one month were subject to this cessation of service. Now it appears that about 200 of these turn out to be U.S. Army soldiers, according to Sprintusers.com., where one soldier nicknamed “Shafted” has made plans to contact his senator and every other media outlet he can because cell phone service complained about roaming charges.

Our point here is this. If a company is going to be rude to an extent that more than a few stories are reported about them in a negative way, can they survive in a highly competitive cellular market? In this case, we really have to wonder.

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