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Boeing 787

Since the Gear Live and Bleeding Edge crew has spent the past week in our travels to and from E3, this one seems more than appropriate. Boeing has released some shots of the interior of their new luxury aircraft, the Boeing 787. Looking at the images, this thing is a beauty - and would have been much more enjoyable than flying on our smaller jet via Alaska Airlines. The new place features nice, wide aisles, dynamic lighting, and larger overhead bins available throughout the aircraft. Even better, there will be area that are designed to make the air traveler feel more at home with their flight experience.

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Wicked Blue Spyder Wicked Green Spyder

If you are into messing around with lasers, you should really check out Wicked Lasers latest product.  The Spyder Series is the next generation of portable laser technology. Available in two colors, green up to 300mW, and blue up to 40mW, the products will definitely make you the cool guy at the party. Here are some of the features:

  • Water-proof to 5 meters
  • Constant On/Off button
  • Compact design with built-in heat sink
  • High Efficiency lithium power cells
  • Ultra Efficient power consumption
  • No duty cycle – 100% Continuous Operation
  • No heat buildup
  • Very Stable Output
  • BrightLife™ Technology

Of course, with high-grade electronics like this, you can expect to pay a premium. The green Spyder starts at $999.99 USD, and tops out at $1999.99. The blue one will really hit you hard, ranging from $2499.99-3499.99 USD. We hope to have one of these in-house soon for a few demos, much like we did with the Fusion lasers a few months back.

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Panasonic Toughbook

Panasonic is rolling out its next generation of Toughbooks, which feature Intel Core Duo processors, and a surprising resistance to water.  Specifically, the Letsnote CF-Y5 features a 1.5 GHz Intel L2300 Core Duo processor, a 14.1-inch 1,400 by 1,050 pixel display, up to 1 GB of RAM, 802.11a/b/g wireless networking, up to 60 GB of hard disk storage, built-in Ethernet, a DVD burner, a PCMCIA slot, SD expansion, and VGA output.  Since this is a Toughbook, Panasonic claims that the notebook can withstand an impact of up to 220 pounds, and features a water proof sheet which protects several key system components from small amounts of water or other liquids.  This impressive little notebook is only available in Japan right now, but we should see some of these features made available in American Toughbooks pretty soon.  The CF-Y5 retails for ¥265,000 which is about $2,300 US.  It is interesting to see stock features that help protect against “accidents,” and might help to make up for the more expensive price tag on this notebook.

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Gear Live Bleeding EdgeThis week, Jake Ludington joins the cast as we cover some PS3 rumors, improve upon the Walit, teach you how to segment your network, and more:

Sony PS3 Rumors
Dolphin Stadium HDTV
Jake Crashes Party At CTIA

Nate Improves The Walit

Etymotic 6isolator Earbud Review
Fujitsu LifeBook P15D Review

How To: Segment Your Network For Optimal Xbox 360 Media Streaming

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HP StorageWorks XP12000Anyone in Information Technology (IT) that has had to deal with a stubborn HP server has thought of taking the server out behind the woodshed and putting an end to it.  Those crazy kids at HP have decided that an HP StorageWorks XP12000 disk array should be able to take a bullet and keep on ticking.  The test involves a fridge sized server, a specially mounted rifle, and a .308-caliber bullet traveling 2,900 feet per second.  HP’s engineers mandate that the array should be able to continue streaming video after a bullet passes completely through the disk array and shatters a fish tank behind the XP. 

“Our engineers told me that you could wipe out an entire side of the array and the HP StorageWorks XP12000 Disk Array would keep working,” says Scott Edwards, XP product marketing manager.

Um. Good.

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SpokePOVPOV uses LED lights on a spinning device to create an image.  There have been several devices recently that demonstrate this technology, but none as awesome as the do it yourself SpokePOV kit.  Basically, SpokePOV turns the wheels of your bike into fancy LED displays.  The kit comes with all of the parts needed including a circuit board, electronics, 60 bright LEDs (30 for each side of the wheel), and 1K of memory (enough for one static image).  The memory can be upgraded to 4K for use in an animated display.  The documentation appears to be quite good and even a beginner should be able to complete this project.  The kit retails for $37.50 here.

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We have all been there when driving to an unknown home late at night. Most house numbers are hard to see in the dark.  Matterinc has set out to change that with new solar LED address numbers.  Each number is laser cut out of anodized aluminum.  The solar arrays on top of each number provide power to the included batteries, and two white LEDs shine in the darkess, lighting the number below. On a full solar charge, the LEDs provide eight to ten hours of light - enough to last a full night just about anywhere.  Matterinc recommends placing the device in full sunlight for best results.  The numbers are available in either black or silver, and are viewable up to 40 feet away. They retail for $17.99 USD and come with all of the necessary hardware for mounting. 

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Plextor Shock ProofPlextor has just announced the availability of their new PX-SP portable hard drives which are supposedly shock proof.  A new silicon cover prevents the drive from crashing and losing data if dropped. The new drives come in 80GB (PX-SP08U), and 120GB (PX-SP12U) sizes, and are said to support Windows and Mac operating systems, but our guess is that they should also work under Linux.  A quick start guide, USB cable, and the silicon jacket are included with purchase.  While we have our doubts on how well a silicon jacket will protect a drive from the shock of being dropped, it is nice to see some new ideas from Plextor.  Expect to pay more for the added protection, the drives retail for $169 (80GB) and $260 (120GB).

“Plextor is rapidly expanding its data storage product line to include innovative devices such as the new PX-SP shock proof portable hard drives,” said Michael Arbisi, Vice President, Channel Sales for Plextor, in a statement. “Our goal is to give customers a wide range of options for dependably and securely storing their valuable data, whether at home or at the office. Like all Plextor products, the PX-SP Series drives are designed and manufactured to the highest levels of quality and reliability.”

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Astone Portable Washing MachineFor anyone constantly on the go, we know that doing laundry can get in the way. Apparently, Astone knows that as well, as they are set to start selling this portable washing machine this June. Weighing in at about four-and-a-half pounds, this puppy can hold up to 1.7 gallons of water once it’s inflated. The word is that it will do everything a standard washing machine can do, just at a much smaller scale. At $70 USD, it doesn’t sound like too bad a deal.

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Dolphin Stadium HDTVOkay, we admit that we have told ourselves that we had the best seat in the house when we were relegated to catching sports on our in-house TV when we didn’t have tickets to the game. However, those in Miami can no longer make that excuse for themselves, as Dolphin Stadium is now the home of the world’s largest HDTV. Season ticket holders got a first-look at the new setup, which consists of two large high-definition displays, one of which measures 1750-inches. Nice job, even if the Dolphins are performing badly, you just know that guys will pay just for the pleasure of checking out the game on the ultimate big screen.

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