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Xbox 360

Alright guys, a couple months back we asked you all to put your thinking caps on and design us a simple video game. Of course, we wouldn’t ask you to do something so daunting if there wasn’t something good in it for you - so we figured we would give someone an Xbox 360 for their troubles.

We had eleven entries into the contest (yup - just eleven!) and we gave each game a spin before determining the winner. If you want to check out the entries, you can download the following games, done exclusively in Visual Studio Express:

We want to thank everyone for their submissions - but we chose one game to walk away with the Xbox 360. Congrats to Forum member Dbone - we liked the work you put into the contest, and enjoyed the frustratingly fun Action Square game. We will be contacting your for your info, and you can expect one of those new Xbox 360s to hit your doorstep in the near future. See? Dreams really do come true.

If you didn’t win (or participate for that matter), you still have an opportunity to win our iRiver clix giveaway contest, which runs through August!

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Not a periscope, but ...Now this is a powerful device. The ZScanner 700 looks heavy-duty, and it certainly is. It will also take a toll on your finances.

The handheld unit can make a three-dimensional polygon mesh of anything in just a few minutes. The ZScanner 700 comes with a set of reflective markers, which you attach to your target. Hook up the scanner to your laptop and sit back and watch. Using lasers and dual cameras, the scanner will zip a scan of the object to your computer. Once you have the image, you can do everything you’d expect to be able to, including rotating, burning and dodging, reducing resolution, and all kinds of other fun tricks. It’s all 3D, and it’s one continuous scan.

Designed primarily for the medical community, ths ZScanner 700 would also fit well in the hands of a heavy-duty graphic designer.

You’ll pay a pretty penny for this one, though. Pricing starts at $39,000 USD.

Read More | Zcorp via Medgadget

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Pen + tablet = artworkCool technology doesn’t always have to be expensive. That’s the case with the Aiptek HyperPen 12000. It’s a tablet for your PC. Use the pen to create artwork, make virtual signature, touch up photos, or whatever else you can create. The pen needs no wires to make its impression known on the tablet, which recognizes 512 levels of pressure. The tablet also has 24 keys, enabling you to basically avoid the keyboard if you want to. A full nine of those keys are customizable.

Aiptek will send you a software application to guide you through the rigors of pen-based artwork, if you need them. My guess is that if you’re buying this tablet-and-pen combination, you’re an artist at heart and in deed and you’re just looking to save money. You can pick up one of these for just $131 USD.

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Alright guys, question time. We want your feedback on this one. Forum member innovaty wants to know what you would consider to be your ideal keyboard. Of course, we thought that the Optimus keyboard would be in order for us, what with all that OLED goodness. The only problem is that it isn’t even available yet.

So what’s your verdict? What constitutes a good keyboard, and which would you recommend as being the best? Head on over to the forum thread and let us know.

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Lexon E8Recent studies have shown that many of today’s youths can’t tell time on a traditional clock because they rarely see one. This watch, the Lexon E8, might just help that problem, if only partly. See, you tell the time by counting the dots. You don’t even need to count to 10. The only thing you really have to remember is which column you’re looking at.

Four columns exist on this display. The first two are the hour, and the last two are the minutes. Give it a few hundred looks, and you’ll be able to tell what time it is with just a glance. You can get one of these E8s with orange, green, or just grey dots for just $137 USD.

Read More | Lexon E8 Product Page via Gizmodo

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SaitekSo you have that boring white or black or silver computer and you’re looking to liven up your desk a bit? Well, the good folks at Saitek have the answer for you. It’s a mouse that comes in a series of vibrant colors while still packing up a punch on the technical side.

First of all, the mouse does look like a certain Apple mouse from a few years ago. That’s okay. It was a good product then, and it’s a solid option now. The scroll wheel is rubberized, for ease of use. Unlike that all-white Apple mouse of yore, however, this one has the heavy-duty 800dpi optical sensor, so even the slightest movements are tracked and translated into commands or movements onscreen. Use this mouse for spreadsheets or shoot-‘em-ups.

The mouse also has two buttons and has been ergonomically designed to fit either the left or the right hand. The four available colors are yellow, pink, soft orange, and lime green. The one possible complaint you could have is that the cords are a little short. They’re made that way, though, so what can you do?

Price tag is $20, and you can get one here. BTW, Saitek is marketing these as laptop-specific products, but we see no reason why you can’t buy one for each computer you have.

Read More | Saitek Notebook Optial Mouse via Outblush

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Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors at a major tech company? We hung out with the higher ups at iRiver America and got a tour of the place. We also sat down with iRiver America CEO Jonathan Sasse, and talked a bit about the company, the evolution of the iRiver clix, working with Microsoft and MTV, DRM, and a few other topics. Oh, and we got a look at the iRiver hummer.

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Gallery: The Bleeding Edge 018: A Visit To iRiver, Jonathan Sasse Interview

Del Mar Magma GrillAs summer continues to melt our non-air conditioned office, we often find ourselves thinking about technology related to the season. When we were sent news about the Del Mar Magma Grill, we laughed at how much it resembled a podium, but then realized the draw. Most grills are either too small, or just way too big and bulky. The Del Mar Magma grill goes against the grain. This thing has a small footprint, and is made out of 18-9 stainless steel. Standing 41-inches tall, it takes a very functional approach to grilling and can be doubled as an oven or stove, and you can choose from natural gas or propane models. If you want one, they sell for $400 USD. A bit pricey, but that is the cost of style, we guess.

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R7 Robot

In this day and age, it’s just too taboo to have some sort of human that you can have fetch you things, ride on whenever you please, and exist completely for your own personal enjoyment. Animals have tried to fill this space, but they typically do whatever the hell they want, leaving us with no true method of having another being answer to our beck and call. Enter in Robo3. This company builds robots from the ground up whose main purpose is to provide a fun, entertaining time on your schedule. Looking at the site, it is totally impressive. In fact, check out the R7 robot above - he has four legs, and a soft, cushy seat for you to ride in. Yeah, it costs $5,250 USD, but isn’t that a small price to pay for your own personal robo-slave?

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SlipstreamzI can’t help it. I worry every time my wife goes for a bike ride with her iPod earbuds stuck in her ears. I worry that she won’t hear the danger until it’s too late. Seems the folks at Slipstreamz have similar thoughts. They’ve come out with headphones designed specifically for those who love seeing their scenery while passing by on two wheels. The ‘phones are a nifty combination of form and function, allowing you to keep the buds in your ear while also picking up a noise that could mean that harm is approaching. Even if you rock on out at high volumes, these handy headphones should help you hear the blaring horn of the vehicle that is bearing down on you.

A good amount of thought was put in to designing these babies, too, because they’re designed to attach to the straps of your cycling helmet, holding them in place. And they also double as ear warmers, also blocking the wind from shooting past your sensitive ears.

You can pick up a pair of these handy headphones here for the nominal fee of 7.5 pounds. That’s about 13 dollars American. I’m getting a pair for my wife.

Read More | iWorld via OhGizmo

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