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Women's Digital Photo Wallet So we recently suggested some fascinating but very expensive Mother’s Day gifts, such as this Windows-Powered Sewing Machine. Here’s another cool gift idea for you non-Trumps: it’s the Women’s Digital Photo Wallet, which includes a removable photo viewer, able to store up to 55 color shots! You just transfer the photos via USB, and the battery is rechargeable. The 1.4 inch display is a tad small, but hey, it’s for a wallet, and it guarantees Mom will have the coolest gift to show off to her posse the next day. That alone is worth the $50 USD, isn’t it?

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Geek Belt BucklesAnother day, another use for retro Nintendo byproducts and cool Transformer and Star Wars replicas. The belt buckles come in three designs:

  • Transformer Optimus Prime,  2.75 x 2.5-inches wide and will fit a belt up to 1.5-inches wide - $14.99.
  • Nintendo, 2 x 4.5-inches wide and will fit a belt up to 1.75-inches wide - $14.99.
  • Darth Vader 3.5 x 3.5-inches and will fit a belt up to 1.5-inches wide - $24.99.

All three are available online at ThinkGeek.


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Gear Live T-Shirt

Have you ever had a terrific t-shirt idea but didn’t have much start up capital? Spreadshirt is the answer to your entrepreneurial dreams. They offer a free shop with a simple color print and one line of text for €3 (~$6.00.) You set your own price plus commission for each clothing article that is purchased. Set up a premium account and you can add more features, such as more intricate designs or more colors. Spreadshirt will even donate 3 Euros (~$4.00) for each shirt sold through May 16 to Earth Day International in honor of Earth Day, which is coming up April 22.


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Gold Cassette Belt Buckle

We love the 80’s, and if you’re a certain age, you’ll remember the 80’s were the era of boom boxes, Walkmans and cassette tapes. That’s why the Gold Cassette Belt Buckle brings a poignant tear to our eye. It’s a shiny, 18K gold-plated/filled real cassette tape, and the insides actually twist! Comes with a black or brown belt. At $210 USD we think it’s a little pricey, but just think of the wistful smiles you’ll generate as you strut down the street.

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Women's USB gloves

Okay, we know it’s March and Spring is just around the corner. But as cold as our floor gets at work, we think this item could be used all year long. They’re wool USB gloves, which once plugged in, actually warm up your hands by 10 degrees in five minutes! There are two levels of heat, and finger holes for typing ease. Unfortunately, you will need to use two of your precious USB ports to plug in the gloves. And ladies, not only are they stylish, but they make a great conversation piece while you’re typing away next to that hottie at your local cafe…
Available for $23 USD.


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T-EqualizerIf you thought the Pong Shirt was your type of garment, then you will surely appreciate the T-Equalizer. With an electroluminescent panel on its front, it reacts to music or any other loud noise. A mini-battery is hidden in the pocket of the t-shirt which lights up its LED. The T-Equalizer is so popular that Firebox is temporarily out of them, but if you want to shell out the $29.95 to have others see what they hear, they will be back in stock in next week.

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Pong ShirtThinkGeek’s latest entry into the world of weird is their dark grey Pong shirt, which will please all the enthusiasts you know of Ralph Baer’s video game. The electroluminescent panel lights up with the aid of AAA batteries (not included) and drones on endlessly while never missing a shot. The panel is removable for easy t-shirt washing. Because some of us were never that good at Pong, we can now torment our winning competitors by making them suffer through its repetitive action for the hours that they made us play back in the late ‘60s. Get your revenge at ThinkGeek for $24.99.

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No-Contact JacketThis jacket seems straight out of a “Minority Report”-type movie, but—sadly—seems necessary in today’s society. The No-Contact Jacket appears to be sleek, stylish, black outerwear. However if the wearer feels she is in danger from an attacker, she can activate it with 80,000 volts of electric current pulses, just beneath the shell of the jacket. In other words, anyone who touches her is literally in for the shock of his life. The jacket is waterproof, so rain will never come in contact with the electric layer. Please note that the jacket is not bullet or puncture-proof. Requires a 9V battery. The No-Contact Jacket was named one of TIME magazines “Coolest Inventions”, however information on pricing and availability is not yet available.

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Home Theater Watch

Remember reading Dick Tracy comics as a kid, and being wowed by his tres-cool two-way radio watch? We’ve found something even more mind-blowing. It’s the aptly-named Home Theater Watch, which not only tells time, but with its 2GB of storage, can store a full-length feature film! The watch includes software to convert almost any video file—including AVI, MPEG and WMV —into the watch’s format. Send the files to the timepiece via USB and you’re set to view the season finale of “Shooting Sizemore” on an airplane, the subway,

or at a business conference

on the watch’s 1.5” screen. The Home Theater Watch even plays MP3’s, WMA’s and displays JPEG photos! If you’re single, we think this cool watch is a much better conversation starter than a cute puppy…and lots cheaper.  Available now for $149 USD.

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Tunebuckle Full Moon

We love gadgets where the coolness factor almost outweighs its functionality. A case in point is the Tunebuckle, a slate grey canvas belt…with a buckle that conveniently stores your iPod nano. The belt comes in one universal size, so you’ll have to cut the belt with a scissor to determine how long or short you want it to be (just don’t gain any weight after cutting it!). The Tunebuckle comes in three different styles, including the Full Metal Jacket, which covers the entire nano in case you have a dress code to adhere to. And don’t worry, when you take the belt off, your nano will still be encased. Available now for $59.99.

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