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Sony Ericsson Z310

With so many phones to choose from lately, Sony Ericsson today unveiled their new Z310 clamshell. It features a hidden icon display that glows when a message is received, light effects that can be color coded to alert you to one of your contacts, a VGA camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and supports EDGE/GPRS on its 900/1800/1900 GSM frequency bands. The cell phone boasts 7 hours of talk time and 12 1/2 hours of standby.

Due out early next year, the Z310 will be available in jet set black, lush pink, and blush bronze, which we think will go perfectly with your Bahama Beige BMW. We can hardly wait to find out the price of this glitzy gadget.

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Verizon logoVerizon has announced that its Vcast service will be offering customers videos from YouTube beginning next month. The company claims that only 10% of the 20 million customers who have phones capable of supporting Vcast do so at this time, so Verizon is banking on the premise that we will pay to see cats falling off roofs and children doing stupid human tricks on our lunch hours.

Under the agreement, customers who pay a $15.00 monthly fee for Vcast can not only download videos, but can post them from their phones to YouTube by using a 5 digit code rather than an e-mail address.  Undoubtedly, Verizon is considering the possibility that this move will translate into more ca-ching in their cash box.

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  Fujifilm Pivi

If you used to own one of those old Polaroids because you couldn’t wait 24 hours for your pictures from Photomat, Fujifilm has released its palm-sized Pivi MP-300 portable printer just for you. The Pivi creates 2.5 x 1.8-inch high quality prints in less than a minute. At about 6-inches and half a pound, the printer features both PictBridge for connection to your digital camera and a USB port.

The printer supports JPEG image format and is also compatible with most Mitsubishi, NEC, Sharp, Nokia, Sagem, Panasonic, Sieman, and Sony Ericsson phones. As of now, the Pivi is only available in Japan and other Far Eastern locations for ~$129.00, so check back to Fujifilm often until they make them available to the rest of us.

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RED MOTORAZRLike Sprint had done in October, Alltel today announced that it is offering MOTORAZRs just in time for the holidays. The sleek Motorola phones feature a 2.2-inch 262k TFT main color display, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with 4x digital zoom and video capture, Bluetooth capabilities, stereo headset support via EMU, an integrated music player, and up to 1GB RAM.

Purchase a silver MOTORAZR for $49.99 online and get one free. That same offer applies if you select the fire RED version for $69.99 and a portion of the proceeds go to the RED Campaign in Africa. Since this is the season for giving, we suggest you shell out the extra $20.00 for women and children who would find almost a month’s worth of HIV meds to be a welcome Christmas present.

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QuranIndian Muslim clerics have recently decided that recited verses of the Quran are inappropriate as ringtones. This practice has gained popularity among those who reside in Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state.

Reciting the holy book is “not meant for entertainment,” according to Mohammed Asumin Qazmi of the Dar-ul Uloom seminary. “Anyone who persists in using these should be ostracized from society.”

We are hoping this practice doesn’t spread to the states since hearing non-melodic ringtones can be quite jarring. It has given us an idea, though. If our cell phones came equipped with “Om,” it might help to appease the recent surge of road rage.

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Panasonic P702iDIsn’t chatting on a cell phone distracting enough when you drive? In cooperation with NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic unveils its P702iD FOMA cell phone with 10 variations of brightness and colors with a 128 gradation LED light.  This “Feel Talk” function works by analyzing your voice tone during conversation. The phone supports Chaku-Uta Full service and features a 1.3 M camera, SD-Audio, and an optional 2 GB mini-SD card slot. Available in two forms and four colors, contact Panasonic for price if you just have to have one to go with your mood ring.

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BlackJack smartphoneSamsung has finally released its ultra-thin BlackJack smartphone. Available sometime this month, the 4.1 oz. 3 GB device features a QWERTY keyboard, a 320 x 240 QVGA high-resolution screen, Windows Mobile 5.0, Bluetooth capabilities, an MP3 player with access to Cingular Music, and a 1.3 megapixel digital cam with video capture. Samsung claims it delivers 5.5 hours of talk time and battery storage of up to 11 days in standby.

You can pre-order BlackJack at Cingular for $199.95 and expect arrival sometime this month. In honor of the occasion, last night Larry Kimmell passed out mystery boxes to his audience and gave a few away. Those that did not get the smartphone, including guest Jerry Springer, received lettuce. Pass the Good Seasons.

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This is an entry from our Holiday Gift Guide. We will be updating it daily through the holidays, so be sure to check it often for some great gadget gift tips!

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Motorola Q

If you are looking for a full-fledged smartphone that lacks bulk, look the way of the Motorola Q. The Q packs in Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapoxel camera, and a QWERTY keyboard into a freaking thin 4.3 x 2.5 x 0.5-inch handset. The Motorola Q weighs just 4.1 ounces, so carrying this phone around is very comfy. The Q also sports a scroll wheel on the side, reminding us of the BlackBerry mainstay, and it works nicely on the Windows Mobile 5 OS. The screen is a 2.4-inch 320x240 display, but we wish the font size could be bumped down a few notches to fit more text without having to scroll. The Q can also do multimedia, which can be access on Verizon’s EV-DO network, or locally by packing your content onto a miniSD card.

You can watch our full Motorola Q video review for more information.

Price: $300 with two-year contract

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