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Cell Phone BagTurning from our usual geeky to mystical last minute holiday gifts, artist Karen Schuman has created this functional cell phone bag. It is hand-made out of turquoise, yarn, and a small snake vertebrae (which she assures us she acquired at an American Indian shop and did not slay herself.) The case, which is priced at $50.00, can be worn comfortably around your neck. If you are particularly in tune with the spirits, Karen may be able to create one to your specifications.

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Plug In & Enjoy

When was the last time you were sitting next to a wall outlet and heard a tune on your iPod shuffle and thought, “I wish I had real speakers.” Wish no more. Designer Jinseup Shin has created the Plug In & Enjoy speaker system. The gadget receives FM signals through your cell phone, CD player, or any other device that has an FM transmitter. When the device’s LED flashes green you turn the front to receive the signal and when it displays red after a few seconds, you adjust the volume. Check with Yanko Design for its elusive availability and price.


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SoftBank 812T

SoftBank has just released its own version of Disney Mobile to assist you in keeping track of your kids. The 812T features Navitime GPS tracking, a 1.3 megapixel cam, a 2.4-inch LCD display, and music console. It also has “Circle Talk” for multiple communication, voicemail, and “Hot Status” for availability. Best of all, the phone has Yahoo Messenger so that you can tell them to come home and clean their rooms. Choose between six colors (three of them Limited Edition) and visit Softbank to select a plan.


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Panasonic speakerTechnology just keeps shrinking. Panasonic has created what they say is the world’s smallest micro-speaker. Their previous record holder was 2.5 mm, and at a mere 1.5 mm thickness and a size of 2 x 1 cm, they claim that the PED (Panasonic Electronic Device) loses no reduction of sound quality since its diaphragm is inserted on the top and bottom of its magnet, rather than making the magnet smaller. You will be able find them in cell phones and other portable devices in May 2007.

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Blackjack RIM (Research In Motion), the company that created the Blackberry, has decided to file suit of title infringement against Samsung, according to Telecoms Korea. Filed in a Los Angeles Federal Court, RIM insists that use of the word Blackjack is just too close to that of their own smartphone. Both devices feature Qwerty keyboards and are message capable. We think this is pushing things a bit too far under the category of lawsuits. Next thing you know, Hershey will be suing LG for its use of the word Chocolate.

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Dual Screen cell phoneKorean inventor Seok Hong Jeong unveiled his dual screen LCD cell phone at the recent Seoul International Invention Fair 2006. He says that he has applied for an overseas market patent and hopes that mobile manufacturing companies will take notice of his idea for the next generation of cell phones. We admit that this device looks rather resourceful but we expect it to be a bit bulky. Besides, if you want a cell phone with this kind of capability, why not get yourself a PDA?

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Samsung is introducing its “for Russian ladies only” SGH-E570 Aqua Slim Phone, an upgrade from its SGH-E530 which was introduced last year. Available in sweet pink, festival orange, oasis blue, special silver, and viola black, the cell phone has a curved design and hints at art nouveau on its back. At a size of 86 x 44.7 x 23.9 mm and weight of 80.5 g, it features Bluetooth or USB connectivity, a 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x zoom, a pedometer, and a check for your caloric intake. Perhaps it is different in Russia, but we’re not sure we want our phone to remind us how we supersized our meal when no one was watching.


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Roadmaster speakerphoneWith all the to-do about cell phone usage while driving, Roadmaster has made available its Bluetooth speakerphone unit with a back-lit LCD screen. You can easily attach the unit to a sun visor with an E-Z mount clip. The Roadmaster features DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression, call forwarding and waiting, redial, caller ID, a built-in microphone, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The VRBT200V is available online for $69.99. Do without the LCD and you can pick up a $39.99 model.

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NTT DoCoMo logoDéjà vu. Japan’s largest mobile phone company, NTT DoCoMo, is recalling 1.3 million button batteries fearing they might overheat and rupture. Don’t panic yet. The batteries, made by Sanyo, are only being pulled overseas. DoCoMo claims that there were no actual injuries and that only one case of occurred in November on a Mitsubishi FOMA D902i.

The DO 6 series batteries in question are marked with the codes OKA, OLA, PAA, PBA, PCA, PDA or PEA, and were manufactured before May 2006. We thought it best to alert our readers just in case, since recent history reminds us that these things have a way of mushrooming.

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Motorokr E6Motorola has come up with a TFT touchscreen PDA, surely the look of things to come. The Motorokr E6 PDA cell phone has a 2.4-inch screen and has dispensed with a number pad. It also features a 2 megapixel camera with 8X zoom, CIF and QVGA video recording capability for MP3s, a SD/MMC musical memory card slot, connectivity via USB or Bluetooth, and FM tuner. A mere 14.5 mm thick, the Motorokr is now available in China and on its way to India. We’re hoping that since this one won’t get here in time for the holidays, they will play Santa for the rest of us next year.

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