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iPhone’s first commercial was released during Sunday’s Academy Awards, featuring the likes of Lucille Ball, Clark Gable, Robert Redford, Betty Rubble, and Bogey. Apple has cleverly managed to reveal absolutely nothing about their product in an entertaining kind of way. When we first saw it, we were hoping that they might release the iPhone with ringtones of one of our fave actors. Think what those around you would do if your iPhone chimed out Eastwood’s, “Make my day, Punk” or DeNiro’s “You talking to me?” in the middle of a crowded room. The iPhone is expected to make its debut this June.

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Mexican spotted owlEverybody wants to get in on the ringtone bandwagon, including New Mexico’s Center for Biological Diversity. The center is hoping that having a Mexican Spotted owl let you know you have received a call will draw attention to its being an endangered species. Free to download, 24,000 activists have already done just that at CBD’s web site.

Studies have shown that by 2008, up to 30% of wireless users are likely to forgo their land lines in favor of cell phones with Internet capability. That will be one heck of a demonstration. It’s certainly enough to draw attention to a person whose current ringtones come from her cat’s whining when she wants to play.

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Talk AbroadThe Talk Abroad Travel Phone is National Geographic’s endeavor into the techy world. Covering over 100 countries, their plan is pre-paid and there is no charge to receive calls in what they refer to as 60 “popular destinations.” The phone features an unlocked quad-band GSM, SMS Text messaging, and comes with 30 minutes of initial talk time and 24/7 customer service.
At a price of $199.00 and a due date expected in March, the Travel Phone comes with a universal wall charger and international plug adapters. Pre-order and they will toss in a gift card good for 10 free music downloads. We’re hoping we can get the a copy of “Hakuna Matata” or a little ditty from “Happy Feet.”

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Emergency Cell Phone ChargerShopping for a gift? We think we’ve found the Best Gift Ever: it’s tres-useful, uber-cool looking, and quite inexpensive. What is it?  The Emergency Cell Phone Charger. All this compact device needs is a AA battery to provide an extra 2 hours of chatting time once it’s hooked up to a cell phone. It even comes with 4 adapters to hook up almost any phone, and its compact, sleek, blue metal design gives it a certain je ne sais quoi. At 5.95 pounds (approx. $10.71 USD), we’re thinking it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping.

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Cell Phone USBMoixa has already produced an award winning USB connector for charging regular batteries. Now they have unveiled one for cell phones, Blackberries, and other personal devices that will not only save you a few bucks but will also help save the planet. This is truly a gift for those of us who have a tendency to run our cell phone down to empty before we remember we actually have to recharge it occasionally. Contact Moixa for price and future availability or to be put on their product launch alert list.

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JitterbugJitterbug has designed two phones for those who just can’t get the hang of the mobile gadgets. The cell phones, which come in “Dial” and “One-Touch,” have large, bright, backlit easy-to-see buttons, “yes” and “no” action buttons instead of icons, and a direct line to 911 and an informational operator. With all the bells and whistles these days, it’s a comfort to see one that just acts like a phone. The Jitterbug is available nationwide for ~$150.00 and a service charge of $10.00 a month. Visit their website for more info and a peek at the Jitterbug demo.

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M300 WatchAustralia’s SMS Technology has created the M300 watch that works with any GSM network, connects to a computer via USB, has a built-in MP3 player and speaker phone, an emergency call button, and a 1-inch color screen. Additionally, you can import logos and images for your screensaver, and download ringtones. The M300, which supports Bluetooth, will be available in March for a tidy $649.99.

SMS will also be releasing their M501 series in June, made of solid gold and titanium, and the M700 series for the business minded in November. These will be 850 mhz/1900 mhz watch phones and tri-band 900 mhz/1800 mhz/1900 mhz sets.

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NEC N703iµ Cell Phone

NTTDoCoMo and NEC enter the thin phone zone with their N703iµ (pronounced i-mew.) The 3G cell phone is a mere 49 x 103 x 11.4mm thick, weighs 90g,  and features a 1.3 megapixel cam, a 2.3-inch 260k color QVGA TFT LCD with 240 x 345 pixels and a privacy angle, and an LED on its back panel that displays icons for incoming calls or messages. Available in red, green, and brown, it supports a microSD memory card (not included.) Contact NEC to find out when their new thin will be in.


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Pink Car Kit

How thoughtful of us to have found the winner of the Pink Panther car auction and you more hideously pink accessories to go with it. The award winning gift of the year includes a cell phone recharger, an ice scraper, protective gloves, an air freshener, a mini-torch, a steel hammer, and jump leads (in a pink bag, of course.) The Car Kit comes in a case small enough to stow under your seat or in your glovebox, and is available online from The Pink Toolbox Company for £29.99 (~$58.50,) who have a penchant for all things pink.


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