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I remember reading an article last week that said that there was a definite decrease in the number of bees on the planet. It now turns out that there is a link between their deaths and cell phone usage, since the radiation emitted is apparently destroying the ecosystem of the bees. How honestly scary is this? Not only the obvious, possibly losing a whole species of insects that cross pollinate many of our food crops, but think of the effects on other insects as well. Let’s hope that researchers are working somewhere to correct the problem before bees make it to the endangered species list.


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At the Korea IT Show 2007, LG revealed its new PRADA ‘LG-SB310/LB3100.’ The phones support a 3-inch touch screen keypad as well as stylus pens. Change screen ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 for DMBs. One feature we really like is a clock that actually looks like one. Don’t worry. If you have only learned digital, you still have that option at the top of the screen. At the very least, we suggest you check out their mega-riche website and sample the surreal ringtones of their original LG-KE850.


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Upstage IIIn an effort to increase sales to its recently released Upstage II, Sprint is offering tons of perks. The bluetooth capable phone/music player is only for $99.99 after $50.00 rebate. There is a $50.00 service credit extending until 5/14/07, and free activation and shipping if you purchase online. You can also download about 1.5 million tunes from the Sprint store for 99 cents apiece.

The phone features 1.3 megapixel camera and talk time up to 6.3 hours. Note: Sprint is also working with CBS Mobile to get you to download music that contestants in “The Amazing Race All Stars” listen to when they are on the fly or perhaps even the ringtone from Charla that orders you to “answer your freaking phone.”

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BlackberryResearch in Motion has so far denied comment when asked about its massive e-mail service outage that occurred on thousands of users’ Blackberries in North America. Experts believe that the crash, which took place Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, is a technical problem that still has some glitches.

TD Newcrest analyst Chris Umiastowski stated, “RIM won’t tell us what caused the problem, although they do tell us they know what caused it. We were told to expect a technical explanation to come out shortly.”

We know how addictive e-mail is and how we feel when occasionally we are denied access, and our sympathies go out to those “CrackBerry” addicts that had to suffer through the brief withdrawal.

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Hip-IP’s Mobigater Plus can send Skype calls to your cell phone with no SkypeOut credits needed. When you place a SIM card inside, it connects to your phone with a USB cable to both your PC and Skype. If you have a family plan, the service is free. Get the Pro version and you can direct calls to multiple phones in an office setting, even if the parties are overseas. The Mobigater Plus is available for £119.99, (~$ 163.00,) while the deluxe model will set you back £185.99 (~$373.00.)


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Phone VirusPakistani mobile service providers have been receiving a massive amount of complaints from subscribers that were told that they could die of a deadly virus being transmitted through their cell phones. The prank call was so effective that some of Karachi’s mosques made announcements that 20 people had already been killed and that others should “be aware of God’s wrath.”
All of the mobile operators jointly issued this statement, “These rumors are completely baseless. They do not make any sense in technological terms.”

We would like to think that most humans wouldn’t fall for such a prank, but will not be surprised if in the future there will be other antics that follow suit.

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VA Tech campus

While Gear Live’s condolences go out to the faculty, students, and staff at yesterday’s disaster at Virginia Tech, we cannot help but wonder how bizarre it was that many were not even aware of what was going on until they turned on their computers to check out online news after hearing gunshots from the second floor. Others became aware when they received an e-mail from the administration. The first sounds and sights of the incident were captured on a student’s cell phone.

Pupils at the University are currently posting details of the event and tributes to fallen friends on sites such as Friendster and MySpace. There is already a site erected which is dedicated to the incident. This surely shows just how quickly this generation can utilize technology and respond when a catastrophe occurs.

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SIGNAL Blinking Cellphone HolderThe zen of a quiet surrounding, say your work environment, is easily ruined when someone’s cell phone rings - especially if they have an annoying song-of-the-moment ringtone. If it’s you with the offending phone, avoid the scorn of the disrupted with the SIGNAL Cellphone Holder. Just silence your phone and put it in the holder, which will blink when you receive a call. It works by picking up on cellular phone waves…very smart in our book. Yes, we realize you could just put your phone on vibrate, but that’s not always a convenient option, and besides, we think this gadget will look uber-cool on anyone’s desk. The SIGNAL costs $30 USD.

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Bejeweled 2If you are totally addicted to the Bejeweled original or its second edition, EA Mobile and PopCap Games are planning to introduce updated versions of the game later this year.  They will have enhanced graphics and audio effects, and will allow for multi-player access in North America. According to their data, the puzzle game has been a top-10 seller since EA purchased the title in 2001. Originally developed for Internet play, the title has been expanded to include cell phones, PDAs, PMPs, in-flight systems, and video game consoles. Just don’t let us catch you playing Bejeweled when you are stuck in rush hour or we might want to challenge you to a showdown.

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Skype logoSkype has just come out with a 2.6 beta for Mac OS X for “experienced users only.” The service features automatic updates, DTMF tones for auto-answering services, and an improved audio quality. You can also call any Prime premium service provider and pay with Skype Credit.

SkypeIn is another new aid you can use if your buds who do not have the service want to call you on a regular number. Still available at the bargain price of $00.00, you can download Skype for your Mac, PC, or Linux system.

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