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LG Chocolate VX8500

The next fashion phone has arrived, in the LG Chocolate VX8500. Verizon has just launched the phone at a price of $149.99 with a two-year contract in an online special. Not too shabby for a sleek slider phone that features EV-DO, Bluetooth, MP3 and WMA support, 1.3 megapixel camera, V-CAST support, and just looks good, don’t you think? The phone can be purchased, starting today, on the Verizon Wireless website. Those who want to wait to try before they buy, the phone should be hitting Verizon retail outlets on August 7. If anyone picks one up, be sure to send us your Unboxing images!

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Plantronics Discovery 655Plantronics unveiled their fall line up of Bluetooth enabled headsets today. Five standard headsets, ranging in price from $149.95 to $79.95, as well as a stereo headset model priced at $139.95 were showcased.

The top of the line for Plantronics’ non-stereo Bluetooth headsets is the Discovery 655. This model features what Plantronics describes as a fashionable look and ergonomic fit while weighing a mere nine grams. It uses digital signal processing to reduce background noise and has an AAA charging pocket which provides up to 10 hours of talk time. The other most interesting model is the Pulsar 590E Stereo Bluetooth Headset which, like the name implies, is designed to work with music-enabled mobile phones for wirelessly listening to music and answer/end calls without needing an adapter.

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Virgin Mobile OystrVirgin Mobile USA and Kyocera Wireless are looking today to outfit America’s youth with what they consider to be a hip new metallic ivory handset. Dubbed the Oystr, this phone is priced at $29.99 and available starting now.

The Oystr sports a clamshell design and a “lustrous white color”. Beyond this, features include an internal color display, two-way speaker phone, text messaging, Web browsing, a weight of three ounces and up to 220 minutes of battery talk time.

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RAZR Follow UpAbout 6 months ago, with great anticipation, we picked up the Motorola RAZR V3c for Verizon.  Boy, were we ever excited!  Unfortunately, our high expectations led us to great disappointments.

Our biggest complaint half-a-year ago was the phones battery life.  That annoyance has grown into a huge problem.  Six months ago, twelve hours of marginal use cost us half of our battery life.  These days it is more like ten hours of minimal use sends the phone into the annoying Motorola “can’t turn off the stupid low-battery alert even though the phone is on silent and helps run down the remaining battery life even faster” chime.

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Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for SkypeBelkin today announced a new cordless phone for using Wi-Fi hotspots to make Skype calls. The new Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype is priced at $149.99 and will be available in August.

The Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype has what Belkin describes as an intuitive interface, incorporating familiar Skype features. To make a call, one uses the on-screen color menu to locate a contact and view online availability. Other features include WPA and WPA2 security with PSK support and 802.11b/g compatibility.

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Cingular LG CU500Cingular has a stylish new clamshell handset out today which features high speed HSDPA technology. The LG CU500 is priced at 99.99 with a 2-year contract and after a $50 mail-in rebate.

The LG CU500 is a 3G phone in a black, ultra-slim clamshell design. Besides being able to access multimedia services like streaming video at broadband speeds, the CU500’s feature profile includes a built-in music player with external controls, dual speakers, microSD memory card support, Bluetooth 1.1 support, a 1.3 megapixel rotating camera with video recording, a speakerphone and a talk time of up to 3.5 hours.

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PowerStation Cable OrganizerWith everything from Blackberrys to PDAs to Cellphones, is it any wonder why a desk can get cluttered with all the mobile gadgets one needs to stay wired to the office throughout the day?  Not to mention the power plug issues that come with trying to charge up more than two of said gadgets simultaneously?

ThinkGeek has the answer with The PowerStation Cable Organizer, which promises to clean up all that clutter and charge up your gear lickety split.  The PowerStation comes with the capability to charge up to three devices, using its inner power strip, and also comes with an extra short AC cord to accommodate oversized adapters.  It’s adjustable rubber dividers lock any mobile gadget in place, and cable ties are included for tidy internal cable management.

At $19.99, it’s a slam dunk of a deal.

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In this episode, Andru and Jake go head to head in Big Brain Academy, we review the Nintendo DS Lite, and we ask you to name our new movie review show (with a prize for the winner!) Here’s the format:

Nintendo DS Lite vs. Nintendo DS

Motorola Q Review

Big Brain Academy Review

Seattle International Film Festival Review


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Sanyo KatanaSprint and Sanyo have teamed for the new Katana cell phone, described by them as being “crafted as artistically as its namesake”. The new phone, which comes in four colors, is available now for $279.99 or $79.99 after rebates with a two-year subscriber agreement.

The Katana, crafted by Sanyo, has an ultra-thin design with internal antenna and a large, high resolution main display. Besides these features, the Katana also has wireless Bluetooth technology, a built-in VGA camera with digital zoom, a built-in speakerphone and supports several of Sprint’s PCS services such as PCS Vision and PCS Picture Mail.

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Retro Phone Handset connected to cell phoneGone are the days of real telephones, with real handsets.  It used to be that a telephone handset had real heft, and could double as a hammer in a pinch.  Forget about trying to do that with cell phones, with their flimsy flip covers and see-through plastic cases.  You might as well be holding a tissue to your ear.

That’s all about to change.  Now, for those times when you need an authoritative phone presence, the Retro Phone Handset is available.  It plugs into a wide range of cell phones via a standard 2.5 mm plug and comes complete with curly umbilical to tie the handset to your mobile phone.  (A hands-free adapter kit is also available, though I’m not sure I see the point of that.)

With this entry into the retro phone market, I forsee a wave of future retro products.  How about a Bluetooth rotary dialer for your cell phone?

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