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Motorola’s MOTOFONE is this year’s winner of the Best Ultra Low Cost Handset at Barcelona’s 3GSM World Congress going on this week. A mere .35-inches thick, it features large fonts for easy reading, icons for shortcuts, and simplified navigation for the cellularly challenged. The phone even offers a voice-activated menu, EPD (Electronic Paper Display), and Clear Vision Display to eliminate glare. Rumor has it the the price will be under $50.00. Contact Motorola for details and date of availability.


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MooninitesThe quick thinking Time Warner Cartoon Network is making headlines again. They will be offering ring tones for cell phones in the voices of their cartoon characters. Their CallToons service will also be available to alert you to new voice mails or low-battery alerts. The Network has filed for a patent on the technology as they claim they are the first to respond to the idea. We just can’t wait to not only see the Mooninites in action, but also to hear them with such witticisms as, “Try as you like Carl, but you cannot heat up our moon juices.”

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Gear Live reader “Slezak” wrote in to tell us about Digby:

Digby is a really cool app that lets you shop for all sorts of stuff from your BlackBerry without having to use the browser. It has a local catalog with flowers, chocolates, books, cds, dvd, etc,.. including search capabilities for stuff not already in the catalog. It links up with the address book and the calendar so you can buy and ship stuff to yourself or anyone in my address book without having to rekey info that is already on my BlackBerry. Digby is a free download and the products are at the same price as they are on the vendors normal website.

So there you have it, for all you BlackBerry owning shopoholics out there, Digby might be just the thing you needed to push your credit card bill over the edge.

[Thanks Slezak!]

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GPSWe told you so. Now that Nokia is offering free GPS downloads to its customers, Vodafone, the planet’s largest mobile phone network operator, has decided to get with Google to develop a map system for other cell phones. The service will also include local listings in what Vodafone’s marketer Frank Rovekamp refers to as its “mass-market access to exciting services.” We don’t know if we would call it exciting. We just like the concept of not having to pay for a separate GPS device when we get lost.

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Nokia GPSNokia is now offering free GPS navigation and mapping system for anything from cell phones to handhelds. After downloading the application, you can select maps from 150 countries and 15 million points of interest. The catch here is that smart2go is just a basic service, and to get the full-blown program you must pay a weekly or monthly fee. Nokia plans on releasing the program on all new models. We are just happy to know that with competition so hot these days between manufacturers, GPS will probably become standard on all mobile devices and cell phones in the near future.

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SE k220It’s Sony Ericsson’s turn to expand their product line, this time with four new models, the K200, K220, J120, and J110, which they refer to as “candy bars.” The first three of those are camera phones, while the J110, which they describe as “robust,” is their affordable basic model. The J120 also has an FM tuner and a radio/alarm clock.

The K200, features a 1-button photo album, and the K220 offers an FM tuner that can handle up to 10 preset stations. All of them feature talk time of up to 8 or 9 hours and standby of up to 300 hours. Available during Q2 of this year, we are hoping that by then they will actually name them Zagnut, Skor, Baby Ruth, and Snickers.

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Usher with GrammyVerizon Wireless is offering its customers a chance to get in on some pre-Grammy celebration with its Vcast of Clive Davis’ Beverly Hills annual shindig. The founder of Arista and J Records, who is also known for signing up “American Idol” winners and runners-up for record deals, Davis has become quite the host in the last few years. His participants have included such artists as Carlos Santana, Usher, and Alicia Keys. Contact Verizon if you and your cell phone want to be a part of the “In Crowd” February 10th.

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Simpson Cell Phone

It looks like yellow may soon be competing with RED. Samsung displayed its canary yellow cell phone at the recent CES 2007 with its “Simpson Movie” logo and pre-loaded movie content. With a premiere this summer, the Special Edition is set to come out in June or July. The phone joins the ranks of Homersapien and any other garish gadgets we can find that will prove that our fave dysfunctional family will be raking in some big bucks in 2007.


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Kepler Advantage

At last, a tracking device that not only helps us find a restaurant, but also where we parked the car. Inilex’s Kepler Advantage, featured at the recent 2007 Demo Conference, features GPS technology that can find a car’s location with the owner’s cell phone via satellite. It can also tell if a car has been moved by an unauthorized driver or driven at too high a speed (in case your kids “borrow” the car,) and will notify police within 15 minutes (in case it’s not the kids.) Although its name is subject to change, Spokesperson Aly Saxe assured Gear Live that the device will become available during Q2 of 2007.


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