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On the heels of our Samsung MM-A920 review, we have just put up a dedicated photo gallery of the A920. This one is for those who asked for more images of the phone. Go ahead and check out the gallery, where you can comment on the images while viewing. Nifty, no?

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Treo 700pSo, they didn’t get the jump on Verizon, but Sprint has just announced that they will be carrying the Treo 700p. With a 2-year commitment, you can get the handheld device for $499 USD. Sprint is touting this one as being compatible with the Power Vision network, which means it can do games, music, television, etc. Oh, and Sprint makes it very clear that you are free to use the Treo 700p with their Phone as Modem service - so tether away.

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Helio KickflipSo, Helio launched a few weeks ago, aiming to separate themselves from the normal United States cellular carriers by offering better service and phones that were previously unavailable Stateside. Our boys over at OhGizmo got their hands on one of the two phones that the services launched with, the Kickflip, and put it through the paces.

My gut feeling is that it’s just a little too soon to make a final decision on Helio. At this point, the rig needs a little polish. The phone is great and the service promises to be just as engaging, but it’s not there yet.

Click on for the full review.

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Samsung MM-A920 Multimedia Phone

We just put a bunch of time into playing with the Samsing MM-A920, and are reporting back with our thoughts. This is Sprint’s dedicated multimedia phone, offering easy access and navigation of music, games, and video clips on the go. With external navigation, stereo speakers, BlueTooth, camera, and a host of other features, how does the phone stack up? Read on for our full review.

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Sidekick 3

This is a hot one right here. The more legitimate leaks we see of this thing, the more hopeful we get that it isn’t plagued with the horrible build quality of the current Sidekick II. We mean, seriously, we know people that have gone through multiple units of the current version just using it for everyday communications. It won’t be long now (or will it?)

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For all you music enthusiasts out there, Sprint has launched the LG LX550 - better known as FUSIC. Geared towards those who want to carry their tunes on their phone, FUSIC has an external navigation pad, FM transmitter, BlueTooth, a ring tone composer, 1.3 megapixel camera, EV-DO, and a MicroSD slot for expandable memory - up to 1GB.

“Without question, FUSIC is a testament to what is possible when mobile phone innovation and music meet,” said Mr. Juno Cho, president, LG Electronics MobileComm, U.S.A, Inc. “In concert with the advanced features and pioneering functionality provided by LG, the Sprint Power Vision Network enables users to enjoy an unparalleled mobile music experience right at their fingertips.  LG is proud to join Sprint at the forefront of the mobile phone and music evolution.”

The FUSIC phone sells for $179.99 USD with a two-year contract after rebate, and will be available on May 28th in Sprint stores, or online.

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Treo 700p Verizon

For those haters that wanted a new Treo, but weren’t feeling Windows Mobile, you can finally snap up the Treo 700p from Verizon starting on June 1. The 700p runs the Palm OS and runs for $499 USD with a $100 rebate, winding up at $399. Of course, if you want to actually use the phone, you are gonna have to keep paying, as $80 per month is the cheapest plan offered for the smartphone, which hooks you up with unlimited EVDO usage (good!) but just 450 minutes of talk time per month (bad!). Still, this is a phone that we expect the business types to migrate towards, so the lure of unlimited data is where it’s at.

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In this show we show off Verizon Song Identity, get an inside look at Windows Desktop Search, and stream DivX to the Xbox 360:

PSP Firmware Upgrade
Net Neutrality Bill Voted Down

ZVUE 200a

Verizon Song Identity Service

Interview with Brandon Paddock, Windows Desktop Search

How To Stream DivX To Your Xbox 360

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TORQ N100The new TORQ N100 from Sound Solutions is a well rounded WM5 mobile phone that features not only quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz), but a SiRF Star III GPS as well.  You won’t find an Intel XScale processor in the N100, which probably explains it’s fairly decent battery life of 3.5-4 hours talk time and 10-15 hours PocketPC usage.  Instead, a Samsung CPU running at 400MHz fulfills all computational duties.  Other features include a reasonable amount of memory with 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM, a 2.8-inch TFT LCD touchscreen at 240x320, Bluetooth v1.2, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and a mini-SD card slot. 

Notable by their absence is any form of broadband be it Wi-Fi, EDGE or UMTS.  A real shame considering the TORQ N100 has just about everything else.  Okay, a VGA screen would be nice if we’re being picky, and well, we are.

The TORQ N100 will be available May 2006 with pricing TBA.

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Plantronics MX203S-X1With so many mobile phones being MP3-enabled, it only makes sense that manufacturers would start churning out headsets to match.  Plantronics has released their latest headset, the stereo MX203S-X1, for just that application.  Available in the eternally lovely black, there’s also the “new black”, which is to say, white (made popular by our friends at Apple).  To help prevent bothersome wind noise from becoming an issue, Plantronics has implemented WindSmart technology to nix the problem, and their Flex Grip design makes the earbuds comfortable to wear with no concerns about them falling off. 

Compatible with all MP3-enabled phones that have a 2.5mm headset jack, the only thing we wish the headset really had, or rather didn’t have, would be wires.  A similarly styled Bluetooth model would be nice, but that would require AD2P in order to sound good, which in turn would mean we’d have to worry about batteries/charging, and then there’s the fact that many mobile phones don’t support the AD2P profile.  On second thought, the wires are just fine.

Estimated street pricing is $29.99 USD with availability later this month.

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