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We’re not going to lie. We’re in the comfort of a Bellagio suite with a 12 mbps down pipe, watching the Gates keynote stream on a pretty massive TV. And we’re liveblogging it. Some very cool things coming up, including Avalon applications, Xbox IPTV “channels” and hot, Bill Gates action. Stay tuned, refresh a lot, and have fun.

[6:48pm] We’re being welcomed to the social with a cool Vista-esque video showing off some of the new things we’ve seen this year.

[6:50pm] “Sure, I’ll keynote next year, but I’m not sure they’ll want me, because I’d likely talk about infectious diseases.” Oh, Bill.

[6:51pm] “Over 40% of US homes now have multiple computers.” Clearly, a large amount of credit due directly to Gates for this.

[6:52pm] He’s talking about the incredible increase in bandwidth, capabilities, high definition and all the fun we’re seeing lately. “The graphics revolution is letting us think about representing reality on the screen.”

Check the rest, after the jump:

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We were able to stop by Shure’s booth at CES Unveiled, where Chris Lyons gave us a look at their newly announced line of in-ear headphones. Focusing on sound isolation, the four new models aim to heighten your listening experience through keeping outside noises away, letting you hear all the details of the music. We have the details of each product after the jump, along with the interview in the video above.

Here's how to get the show:
|Download| - iPod-formatted H.264
|Download| - Apple TV High Resolution
|Download| - MPEG-4
|Download| - Windows Media

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Eikon USB readerThe Eikon USB fingerprint reader (TCRE) has earned itself a Best of Innovations Design and Engineering award at this year’s CES, but parent company Upek will not be attending the festivities. The easy-install reader allows you to log into Windows with one finger swipe, establish a password for storing login information, lock and unlock your system, switch between accounts, and protect your PC’s hard drive files. Built with a sleek design, it even allows OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to brand the reader personally. Check with Upek for price and availability.

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RobotisOne of the companies attending the 2007 CES is Robotis, Korean makers of the Dynamixel Series high-performance actuator controlled by digital packet communication. For the rest of us there are Bioloids, which were designed for education of the principles of robotics. The kits contain a main controller, a servo-module dynamixel, a sensor module, SMPS, NiMH rechargeable batteries, a software CD, and a manual, just in case you have a part leftover.

The kits are available in dinosaur, bipedal humanoid, hexapod spider, quadruped puppy, and autonomous exploration. The company boasts that the kits are easy to assemble with a Phillips screwdriver and can be changed as your whim permits without the threads wearing out. Click on one of the Comprehensive Kits’ images and find out just what these eerie Bioloids can do.

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One of Vista’s new features, in addition to superior power and boot management for notebooks, is the SideShow add-on. Asus’ W5Fe is the first to include the technology: An externally visible, cover-mounted display that sits quietly, looking forlorn while displaying information to you “at a glance” and asking you why you don’t just open it up and use the computer proper. (“Battery and convenience,” you say, trying to comfort it.) “I feel like you’re taking me for granted; toiling all day to provide you with occasional weather and email updates, on a tiny screen that should make you smile, but only makes you wax quizzical, curious and questioning how you ever let the salesman talk you into this upgrade.”

“We’ve had this discussion before, SideShow. I appreciate that I can play simple games and check RSS feeds and emails from you. I just wish that you would do something truly useful, like send this data to my cell phone.”

Fortunately, the SideShow platform allows for such possibilities, but until someone makes use of it, having an external display for something like this just seems silly, and the Asus W5Fe probably knows it.

Product Page

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Duracell Power FMThe Duracell PowerFM package is a simple lithium-ion battery expander for your iPod nano or video. It will easily double the battery life for your device, but includes a few cool features that set it apart from similar products in the market already. As per its name, it includes an integrated FM transmitter, that allows you to specify which frequency you wish to transmit on. It also includes a pass-through dock and headphone port on the bottom of it, so you can still use other iPod accessories or charge it in a normal charger/docking station (if its able to accommodate the extra depth). Oh, and they throw in a silicone case for the hell of it, to keep your nano shiny and fresh. My only real gripe with the design is that its emblazoned with DURACELL’s copper-top logo, both on the front of the device itself, and on the FM configuration screen itself. It seems to detract a bit from the cool, minimalistic Apple approach, while turning you into a walking battery ad at the same time. Still, integrating FM transmission into a significantly expanded battery life for just $79 is a nice touch. Available now.

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HDTV STBUbicod has been awarded a CES 2007 Best of Innovation in Home Network honoree with its HDTV STB (set-top box.) Get the Internet anywhere in your home, remotely record your home entertainment center, utilize its live TV playback function, or plug it into your PC or laptop. You can also transfer multimedia files to other A/V devices and create a UTV photo slide show. Just don’t ask it to play the violin. The STB supports ATSC (U.S., Canada, Korea, Taiwan) and DVB-T/s (Europe,) and utilizes MPEG-4 encoding.

Check out the UMH700H’s demo and contact Ubicod for price and availability.

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Clear Harmony Headset

Able Planet has won 6, count ‘em, 6 awards at this year’s CES. The winning products are:

  • Clear Harmony Noise-canceling Headphones
  • Able Talker and Clear Harmony Noise-canceling Wireless Headphones
  • Able Talker Assistive Listening Device
  • Clear Harmony voiP Headsets
  • Clear Harmony Headphones 200 Series
  • Clear Harmony Gaming Headphones

The devices utilize LINX technology which the company claims enhances sound and speech quality, filters out background noise, reduces distortion, restricts electromagnetic interference, and increases loudn ess perception without increasing volume. Able Planet’s headphones/sets can be used in computer and language labs, PCs, stereos, and CD, DVD, and MP3 players.


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Furutech has won a CES 2007 Best of Innovation award for its deMag, which demagnetizes LPs, CDs, DVDs, game and photo CDs, SACDs, and MDs. It also works on power cords and their connectors, as well as interconnects, to prevent distortion. The deMag measures 19 x 2.7× 18.5-inches and weighs 24 lbs.

The company claims that pigment added to plastic during the manufacturing process causes a minute amount of ferrous material which causes discs to become magnetized. At a price of $1,800.00, check with Furutech for availabilty of its Limited Edition deMag.


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Gennum nX6000Gennum showed off their newest “extreme noise cancellation” Bluetooth headset, the nX6000. The headset is comfortable and incredibly small and light. It doesn’t protrude downward at all from your ear, but maintains some pretty intense, advanced-DSP-based noise cancellation. It’ll be available by Q2 of this year and will cost $129.99. With 6 hours talk time and 90 hours standby, it looks to be a nifty solution for using a headset in a very noisy place, or even just on the freeway.

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