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Good news for Rhapsody subscribers: (Such as myself.) We’ll soon be able to play Rhapsody content through TiVo. This is actually really great for people who want to push every single one of Rhapsody’s 3 million song selection through to their home theatre system’s stereo. You’ll be able to access your shared library, so songs you flag on Rhapsody over Tivo will be automatically added to your PC song library. This will be available soon through Tivo and likely represents a huge potential gain for Rhapsody, since they’ll be getting a great deal of free advertising pushed straight to millions of Tivo subscriber households.

Now, let’s see a discounted Rhapsody rate with Tivo subscription, eh? (No firm release date, but we’ve heard Q2 2007 from the Rhapsody folks.)

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F1A Fighting Android

Too bad Rocky didn’t have the FA1 Fighting Android for training. SDT (Self Defense Technologies) has created an electro-mechanical fighting droid and boasts that it is the first “true” apparatus that can be used for practicing your boxing, kickboxing, or martial arts skills. The 2007 CES Award Honoree features a human-like shape, size, and appearance as his head moves side-to-side, front-to-back, or rotates. His torso does likewise while his legs stay stationary. Watch out though, as the FA1 hits back and has some sexy-looking legs, in a droid kind of way. Contact SDT for price and availability.


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R2D2 Projector Coming from borderline ridiculously awesome territory is Nikko Home Electronics’ R2D2 Projector. The sheer volume of “features” in R2’s shell is astounding: “Safety sensors,” sound effects, fully motorized and controlled by a, I kid you not, Millennium Falcon remote control. With a light-up propulsion system and cockpit light. Wow. Oh, and an integrated DVD player. (What, no Blu-Ray?)

And coming next? An R2 Skype phone.

Full feature diagram after the jump.

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iMedia Chair

Plug your iPod into this CES 2007 honoree. Empower Technologies’ iMedia ergonomic chair features 5.1 Digital Surround Sound with 5 speakers, a 10-inch woofer, a 505W RMS 6-channel amp, Dolby ProLogic decoding, a wireless remote, and 4 digital and 2 analog inputs for connection to video and game systems, and DVD players. The chair has a tactile transducer so you can not only hear the beat, but also feel it. We’re thinking it looks pretty cool, but we are waiting for the Empower ottoman to go with it.


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Description TiVo announced today that TivoToGo would be available for Macs through Roxio’s Toast 8 program. This will finally allow Mac users to pull down their TiVo content to their Macs, though they have to pay $69.99 for the privilege (and that’s after a $30 instant rebate for a limited time.) As a regular user of the PC version of TivoToGo, I find value in it, but I’m not sure I’d be quick to part with $70 so easily. Oh, and it only works with Series 2 since the Series 3 has restrictions on file transfer because of the CableCard compatibility.

It’s available now, so have at it Mac-users!

Product Page

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PCGamerBike mini

Looking for a way to lose a few of those holiday pounds? We tried one of these bikes years ago when they were still new and gawky. The 3D Innovations PCGamerBike Mini looks barely large enough to hold an adult, but there must have been much improvement since it has won a CES 2007 Innovations D & E Award.

Plug it into a USB port on your game system or PC and utilize the pedals to move forward or backwards while you become a car, bike, boat, or anything else that moves. The bike can be configured to any button on its optional keyboard or 3 primary mouse buttons on its controller, and can be customized to your atheletic ability. It comes with $94 worth of free Island Worlds software to play with and you can download more subscription games, such as World of Warcraft. You can even create your own program.

Once you tire of the fun and games, you can also make use of the bike as an exercycle. It keeps track of calories burned, distance, speed, and will keep a daily graph. The mini-bike is available now at 3d Innovations for $179.99.


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Description Interlink Electronics showed off their prototype Windows Vista SideShow remote, which allows you to browse your playlist, check your email, change songs or view your Media Center TV guide from the remote itself, without disturbing the regular TV playback of the host box itself. The remote had a very nice, full-color screen and a lithium-ion battery that could charge over USB. It wasn’t as ergonomic as, say, a TiVo peanut, but it wasn’t terrible. It connects over Bluetooth, and they managed to drain its battery through 3.5 solid hours of use, which we’d think defies a normal usage profile for a remote. It’s coming Q2 2007 and should retail for under $200.

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Description HP’s MediaSmart Server was announced as part of Bill Gates’ keynote last night. It looks rather dashing, and runs Windows Home Server, a variant of Windows Server 2003. The box has a few USB ports and a network port and that’s about it. It comes with an install disc that lets you interface to it through the network, allowing you to configure which media is shared, and how. It includes a neat psuedo-RAID, psuedo-JBOD (just a bunch of discs) approach, that allows file- and folder-specific replication at your choosing, and hot swapability, to boot. (Heh.) They don’t have the full launch config specs down, but we’re guessing 700+ GB, 2GB RAM and probably not terribly expensive, since you don’t have a pricey SLI graphics solution to include. It’s ready to launch, Q2 2007.

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Samsung Ultra Music Phone

Samsung’s Ultra Music Phone, a union of slim style and function, is an iconic bar handset designed with an added twist: dual LCD screens.  An LCD is featured on each side of the device. On one side there is a smaller LCD screen and the dialing keypad for making phone calls.  This side also allows contact entry and cell phone menu functions. The reverse side has a large LCD screen and a dedicated touch sensitive pad and serves as the music player for MP3 and WMA files and has multimedia menu functions.

The Ultra Music is equipped with a digital power amp, which offers a dedicated music user interface that makes it easy to navigate through song lists. Additionally, it has a stereo FM radio and a Quick PC Sync, allowing users to create a music library and customized play lists. In addition to dedicated music features, the Ultra Music has all the extra features consumers have come to expect, including a 2 mega-pixel camera, extended battery life and Bluetooth technology. No pricing info has been announced yet, but we do have a picture of the other side of the phone, after the jump.


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