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Over at Unboxing, we just did a video showing the unboxing of a Belkin N1 networking set. The set includes the N1 802.11n-draft router along with N1 Wireless Notebook card. We were impressed with the way Belkin packaged the internals, so figured we would put the video up here as well. Enjoy - and head on over to Unboxing for more photos, videos, and the like.

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Verizon V640 ExpressCard

For anyone that has picked up a MacBook Pro, or any other laptop computer that has replaced the PCMCIA card with the newer ExpressCard format, you will be happy to hear that a couple of options have become available for getting on the Internet while on the go. New ExpressCards from both Dell and Verizon have surfaced, giving anyone with an ExpressCard slot the ability to resume their mobile tech lifestyle. We got one of the new Verizon V640 ExpressCards and have set it up and tested it, and we are here to report back with our results. Check out the full review of the WWAN V640 after the jump.

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tivologoTivo Inc. announces a 30% increase in service and technology revenues for its quarter that ended July 31. CEO Tom Rogers claims that this increase was partially due to distribution of TiVo through Radio Shack and the recent signing of a deployment agreement with Cox Cable. Revenues are reported at $52.9 million, compared to $40.7 million for the same period last year.

“We remain highly focused on our key points of differentiation between TiVo and generic DVRs. Those points of differentiation are becoming hugely significant and form the basis of being able to market TiVo’s many benefits as a world apart from simply having a hard drive in a cable or satellite box,” said Rogers.

With 30,000 new TiVo subscriptions, the recently launched KidZone, its new Series 3 unit, and sugar plum thoughts of the Christmas season to come, it’s easy to assume that the only direction TiVo will be traveling is up.

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Today in South Korea, Samsung Electronics demonstrated new 4G wireless technology to the press.  Samsung showed 4G technology could carry speeds of 100Mbps over the air.  That’s more bandwidth than most current broadband providers can even harness. The demo took place on a bus while traveling across the city.  Samsung reps demonstrated high speed access through HDTV streaming as well as data access. According to Samsung, this type of performance should be attainable whether standing still or traveling at over 70mph on the highway. 

The speeds demonstrated by Samsung best the WiMAX standard that is currently being used to supply wireless network access city-wide to customers at speeds of up to only 20Mbps.  Samsung also did some demonstration showing that the 4G technology could potentially even hit speeds of up to 1Gbps! 1Gbps wireless…the best I can get is Comcast’s ultimate connection at a rockin 6Mbps. Go figure.


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DescriptionIt looks like some sort of pages and screenshots related to the upcoming Amazon.com digital video download service has surfaced. Gizmodo has all of the goods on this, including copies of the images of the pages as well as actual working links to pages on the Amazon Web site. Check it out while it’s hot!

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Fox On DemandFox has apparently become the first network to stream primetime shows on local sites, according to paidContent.org. This trial service, launched in areas covered by nine owned and operated Fox stations, lets viewers watch free streaming episodes of Prison Break, Bones, The Loop, Stacked and American Dad. Discussions are apparently underway to bring this programming to Fox affiliates. Toyota is the first sponsor.

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If SpeedTest.net is anything, it’s addictive. We know, the validity of various broadband speed tests across the Internet is questionable. With so many variables across both your internal network as well as the Internet as a whole, along with bursting services like Comcast SpeedBoost, these tests can be off. That’s fine, but we still can’t help getting pissed at Comcast when our speed test to a server across the world isn’t up to par with advertised speeds (of course, we typically are pissed at Comcast regularly anyway.)

Nonetheless, if you want a cool interface you can use to test your broadband speed, give this site a look. They do try to be a bit better than the standard test, as they account for jitter, client location, distance to server, and latency. They give you all those numbers (as well as ping), along with distance to test server, and a way to save and share your results. Oh, and if you didn’t get it by now, they feature test servers from across the globe. Fun times.

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Logitech EasyCall DesktopLogitech rolled out a variety of new accessories today which include keyboard/mouse sets and VoIP products. The most interesting of these looks to be the EasyCall Desktop, priced at $129.99 and available next month.

The Logitech EasyCall Desktop sports a mouse, keyboard, headset and speakerphone. A self described “complete solution for Internet calling and navigating the PC”, this combination of products offers up features like technology for eliminating echoes from Internet phone calls, Internet calling controls on the speakerphone, a communications control panel on the wireless keyboard, one-touch access on the keyboard to applications and laser technology in the wireless mouse.

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