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MacBook Pro

Apple loyalists are passionate, devoted people. When Apple makes a great product, their fan base support shines in a way that rarely happens for any other company. However, when Apple messes up, their buyers are just as passionate about making sure the company steps up to the plate to fix the issues. The latest problem to arise the whining MacBook Pro. Yeah, despite Apple’s lame attempts to cover up the problem simply by stating that the decibel level of the noise is “within spec,” a smart consumer can tell otherwise. Hell, we are on our third MacBook Pro here at Gear Live because of the problem. On May 20, MacBook Pro owners plan to unite, declaring that the official “End The Whine” campaign is in full effect. Buyers plan on calling Apple support to let them know what they think of the whine, with the goal being that if thousands upon thousands call on that one day, Apple will be forced to deal with the issue.

On May 20th, everyone with a MacBook Pro that has whining and heat issues should call Apple Support and tell them about it. If thousands of affected MBP owners call on the same day on the same topic, Apple will be forced to address the issue (not to mention the press such an effort will get!). There is safety - and problem solving - in numbers. A unified group of concerned MBP owners will get the attention of those in charge.

Yeah - we are so there.

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Wow - the nostalgia of it all. Steve Jobs keynotes used to be so low key. Nowadays, a new iPod announcement wouldn’t be made with such little fanfare. Then again, back then, iPods were only compatible with Macs, and they just weren’t as cool (looking) back then. Still, the unveiling of the first iPod was a huge moment in the history of digital entertainment. For that reason alone, this is worth a look.

Counterfeit iPod

It seems that some companies are attempting to pass off counterfeit iPods to unsuspecting consumers.  Apple warns that the two players that are most likely to be ripped off are the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle.  It has been noted that several of the fakes are even stamped with legit serial numbers, one of which is 6U545TK2TJT.  The fake iPods also lack a dock connector, and often have non standard headphone jacks.  Apple said that the counterfeit nanos also ship without the standard USB cable, and have a screen that is slightly longer than that of the real thing.

One key mark to look out for is a play/pause symbol on the center select button.  The players that are similar to the shuffle lack a battery or status indicator light, and have a power switch that lacks a repeat option.  The counterfeit packaging is the same as Apple packaging except that the counterfeit package has the words “Digital Music Player” on the top of the box.  Some of the counterfeit players have also known to have documentation included that asks the user to copy their music to a directory on the device rather than using iTunes.  Apple is taking this matter very seriously and has released a bulletin to its service providers asking them to photograph the fake iPod, find out where the buyer purchased the fake iPod, document the serial number, and pass the information along to Apple’s technical support group. 

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Mac mini Portable

When you want to take your computer on the go, unless you have a notebook, your options are pretty limited. I mean, do you know anyone that could hook you up with the Pimp My Ride guys so that they can take your Dell Dimension and throw it into the back of your vehicle? Neither do we. Instead, one must get creative. With the immediate freebie that the Mac mini offers of having an insanely small chassis, Peter Green took it to the next level, by incorporating a screen and battery solution, making the Mac mini a portable powerhouse. Yeah, it is certainly huge, but that is all relative. Why not just carry around a MacBook Pro? Well, it just isn’t as cool.

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Logitech mm32

Logitech’s new cylindrical portable iPod speakers are due out next month.  The speakers are designed to provide up to 10 hours of playback off of 4 AA batteries.  An AC adapter will also be provided in case you want to leave the unit on a shelf.  Logitech has branded this speaker system the mm32, and this unit measures 28.5cm long by 6cm in diameter.  Basically this device has cylindrical speakers on either side of a cradle capable of recharging your iPod. The speakers receive sound via the iPod’s headphone socket, and Logitech claims that with some creative cabling other MP3 players can use the speakers.  The mm32 will be available in black or white, and is expected to retail for $80.00 USD.

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Boot CampRecently we brought you word that Apple had released software enabling Windows XP to be installed in a dual-boot configuraiton on Intel-based Macs.  Shortly after the release, some enterprising users had successfully installed Linux as well.  Fast forward a few more days, and a couple of industrious individuals have coaxed Boot Camp into installing Vista.  In one case, the EFI partition that Boot Camp creates had to be deleted, and in the other, all of OS X.  So, no dual boot for now, but we suspect it’s only a matter of time.

Considering the rate of progress, the next thing you know they’ll be installing operating systems that don’t even exist yet.  Oh wait, that’s Vista.

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The iAlertU is like a car alarm, but for your MacBook Pro. The product uses an IR remote, special software for your Mac and the MacBook Pro’s built-in motion sensor.  Basically, you arm your MacBook by pressing a button on the remote, and the computer chirps twice to notify you the alarm is armed.  If a would be thief comes along and attempts to tamper with - or take - your MacBook, the alarm goes off.  Not only is the alarm pretty loud, the screen flashes too!  The alarm can’t be disabled without a special pass code or the IR remote (or, perhaps, turning the Mac off?).  While there is currently no pricing set, you can check out a video of the product in action above.

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Apple and MicrosoftApple has quietly released the beta version of Boot Camp, a software package that allows its new Intel-based systems to run Windows XP.  The next major revision of Mac OS X, v10.5, will have the software incorporated into it, and therefore the beta software will only work for a limited time.

The software doesn’t act as an emulator but allows Windows XP to run natively, thereby reducing any bottlenecks and performance issues.  It works by creating a partition on the hard drive just for Windows XP, and includes all of the required drivers thereby making the install much easier than the unofficial methods that are currently floating around.  A graphical interface walks the user through the process of creating the partition and burns the drivers to a CD/DVD.  Upon completing the install, users will have the option of dual-booting into either Windows XP or OS X.

Requirements for Boot Camp include the obvious Intel-based Mac, plus a USB keyboard and mouse (or integrated keyboard/trackpoint for laptop users), Mac OS X v10.4.6, the latest firmwares, 10GB of free space, one blank CD/DVD, and Windows XP Home or Professional with SP2 or later.

“We think Boot Camp makes the Mac even more appealing to Windows users considering making the switch” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing.  Indeed, this may be just the impetus that some Windows users were waiting for.

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In this Bleeding Edge Byte, David Geller of WhatCounts.com invites us to his office to show off his new MacBook Pro. While playing around with the machine, we decided to put it head-to-head against his Dual G5 PowerMac to see which computer would come out on top. We set up both Macs to compile Java, and filmed the results. This is the full version of the edited clip that was a part of Bleeding Edge Episode 7.

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MacBook Pro

Several early adopters of the Apple MacBook Pro have been noticing issues with their new machines.  The first problem users are complaining about is that AirPort does not automatically rejoin a preferred network after waking up from sleep mode.  Also, at the lowest screen brightness setting, the LCD’s backlight flickers noticeably. That not enough? How about a high-pitched squeal coming from the processor and/or the LCD? Finally there is an issue with heat, which can result in the MacBook being too hot to handle. Apple has admitted to the issues and has begun replacing mainboards in affected units.  Apple is also rectifying the situation by replacing units that the recommended fix does not solve.  Starting with revision D (serial number W8611), Apple states that these problems should be a thing of the past. If you are experiencing any issues, they will replace your unit with one of the newer models.

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