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iPod nano We have heard the rumor that microwave ovens can injure someone with a pacemaker, now we find out that PMPs can do the same. A study was conducted by a 17 year-old high school student who gave iPods to one hundred subjects, the mean age being 77. Electrical interference was detected in about 50% of the cases when the PMP was held for 5 to 10 seconds, two inches away from a patient’s chest. Occasionally, it even caused problems when held up to 18 inches away, and in one case it made a pacemaker stop working altogether. Next time you decide to take a jaunt into a retirement home, you had better leave the music behind.

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iPod 5th GenNot too long ago, we informed you about the latest version of iTunes, which addressed most incompatibility issues with Windows Vista. Apple has now released an update that will “...correct an issue that caused some iPods to become corrupted when ejecting them using Windows Explorer or the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ function in the System Tray,” according to Microsoft’s Windows Vista Team. The team also states that “...[Microsoft and Apple] recommend you download this software.”

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True story: We were on the NYC subway this morning, and spotted a Wall Street-type wearing what appeared to be wireless headphones, with no MP3 player in sight. Intrigued, we saw an iMuffs logo on the side, and noticed numerous controls on the headset itself. Hmmmmm. After a little Googling, we discovered that iMuffs are indeed wireless headphones, utilizing 2.0 technology! You can listen to your tunes from up to 30 feet away from your , and you can even integrate your Bluetooth cellphone—when you receive a call, your iPod is instantly paused and you can talk through the iMuffs’ microphone. Genius. iMuffs can be charged through a USB port, or with the included charger. The iMuffs range from $150 - $180 USD, depending on the type of iPod you’re using.

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Boomwave has designed a new series of alternate covers for your iPod nano 2G. In contrast to their demoniac cases, the cutesy Beraphims are crafted of silicone and come with cutesy names such as Articlaw, Ursa Mire R, Eyestein, Drizzly, Paw-a-tree and Flambear. The skins, at sizes of 60 x 105 x 18 mm and weights of 50 g, feature screen and click wheel protectors, paws for wrapping earphones, and included neck straps. Even more creative than the Beraphims are their descriptions. This Japanese company certainly knows their PR. They are available from ProClip Direct for 290 Yen (~$25.00.)


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PDP5000EXProps to Pioneer and their ability to make flat panels actually produce a decent black. They are introducing their eighth generation of plasma screens that emit shades that are 80% darker than anything available at present. Usually plasma screens display pixels that are self-emitting and produce their own light, while LCD screens must be backlit when turned on, resulting in color flaws in both systems.

The technology will be available in a series of TVs in 42, 50 and 60-inch screen sizes, with a full 1080p resolution that they refer to as “Project KURO,” and have a contrast ratio of 20,000:1. Look for the KURO (which means “black” in Japanese) line to become available very soon. Even Apple has announced that all of their LCDs will be based on this technology by the end of this year.

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Nano and Chocolate

Apple has a last minute Mother’s Day treat. The set comes with an iPod 4 GB nano, a gift card, and a 10% off coupon for future shopping of accessories.  Best of all, hidden under the nano, is that most wonderful of gifts, nummy chocolate. This one is an exclusive for Best Buy for $204.99 with an instant $10.00 rebate and comes in either pink or silver. You had better hurry over there, as supplies are limited and you only have 2 days left to appease Mom.


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milites loopsWe find these miLites to be an overactive way to show others just how ostentatious you can be. They come from b2, the company that generally sells digital musical instruments. As of now,  they are only available for the iPod nano, but you can choose from techni, denim, matrix, purple haze, lace, and loops designs. Hold onto the sensor switch and impress all the other PMPs in the room. Get one of these mini-hallucinogens online at the b2 Lounge for $19.98, where an optional neck strap is also available.

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Research company Markitecture recently released survey results concerning consumer interest of Apple’s much touted upon, but not yet seen, iPhone. The firm contacted 1,300 participants who not only owned cell phones, but actually pay the monthly fee. The results show that although 77% were aware of the iPhone, only 6% are planing to buy the device


when it comes out on the market, while 2/3 said they had absolutely no interest in purchasing. We think Apple had better concentrate on fixing all the glitches and get with the program.

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MacBook ProWill the battery dilemmas never end? Apple has decided to offer a solution for battery problems that may occur in MacBook and MacBook Pros purchased between February 2006 and April 2007. Systems that contain Intel Core Duo processors will now get two years more of battery repair coverage by downloading a software fix.

Problems that have cropped up have included the batteries not being recognized by the computer, not charging sufficiently when plugged into an AC outlet, or even displaying a fully-charged battery as only a low charge. Apple says that they will replace them at no cost if your MacBook continues to misbehave after the download. We say the heck with that. We just want our computers to be equipped with reliable innards in the first place.

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MGM Logo

More and more entertainment companies are jumping on the bandwagon—making life more and more fun for the rest of us. Most recently, Sony joined the fray, with some of their classic TV shows available for download. Now MGM has climbed aboard, adding such popular films as “Mad Max” and “Rocky” to the iTunes catalog, which already carries nearly 500 flicks from Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures and others. The MGM films will be available in the coming weeks; most of the movies in the iTunes Store can be downloaded for $9.99 USD.

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