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Logitech Harmony 520 RemoteI love Logitech Harmony remote controls. I have yet to use a remote that is more intuitive, easy to set up, and recognized as many devices at the Harmony line. That being the case, I am looking forward to getting my hands on the 520 to see what kind of product they are putting out there at the $99 USD price range. It is a great option for those with just a few devices that they need to control, although the oddly-shaped housing does leave a bit to be desired. Hey, for $99 you still get the signature Harmony internet setup wizard via USB, which makes this thing cake. Look for it to hit stores by the end of the month. Jump down for the full press release.

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SD Card-USB In One

Here is another SD card that has an extension to allow it to be used as a USB 2.0 drive in and of itself.  This particular one is made by PDC Taiwan, and there have been others including the Sandisk Ultra II SD Plus and INX-USD.

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Lego Floppy Disc Holder

Time to tear down your R2-D2 Lego masterpiece, and grab your “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?” floppy for yet another cool mod. Follow these simple instructions and you will end up with a CD/DVD rack that any uber-geek would love.

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Samsung MMCLooks like Samsung has been hard at work cramming even more flash memory into a tiny form factor. The company has announced 1GB and 2GB MMC Plus cards, perfect for digital cameras. The MMC Mobile cards are half the size of MMC Plus cards, and are the first MMC mobile cards to reach the 1GB range.  Both cards have absolutely stunning response times - about three times more than your standard SD card. Their low voltage is great for mobile phones which prefer low energy cards like these.

The new cards are capable of transmitting data at 52MBytes per second, up to 20 times faster than previous MMC versions, by supporting wider (x4 and x8) bus widths and faster clock speeds (up to 52MHz).

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FujiThere is a new FujiFilm printer aimed at the mobile market. The new printer will interface with a mobile phone via IR (what - no Bluetooth?!) and produce a credit card sized image for all your devious mobile printing needs. The printer features Fuji Image Intelligence, which will supposedly help correct for dark photos normally associated with the camera phones it is designed for. Retailing for $129, this miniature printer will be available in September. I’m glad to see a 1st gen product like this - hopefully someday the technology will exist to provide onboard printers of some sort for high end digital cameras - obviously a high quality print will involve a photo lab, but for your quick snap instant prints would be fantastic.

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TranStrapIn New York City, “straphangers” is the term used for subway commuters.  TranStrap Corp has taking this to the literal, portable meaning of the term and developed this awesome piece of equipment.  The simple design is made of plush heavy-duty nylon webbing, aircraft grade aluminum, and high-friction neoprene, resulting hygiene freak’s dream come true.  Selling for a reasonable $14.95 - 19.95 depending on the model, TranStrap is a must own for the rush hour commuters.  Everyone else can use it to play the role of Captain Hook in the next community play.

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Biometric Fingerprint WatchWhile the term biometric might not quite apply the fingerprint watch by Piaget has a certain geeky luxury to it. The Fingerprint watch is a unique creation - you order the watch and the company will make it custom designed for you based on a copy of your fingerprint. The fingerprint motif will be rendered in diamonds and white gold. Obviously such a personal treatment comes with a high price (so high they don’t list it on their website), but for the truly unique timepiece some might just find it worth the cash.

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Mobile Edge WiFi Signal LocatorSo, Mobile Edge is calling this one the smallest WiFi signal locator in the world. The nice thing about this is that it slips right on to your keychain, so it’s always with you, and pretty hard to forget. Unless, you know, you lose your keys all the time. The WiFi Locator weighs in at $29.99 USD.

  • Patent-pending technology instantly detects ONLY WiFi signal presence
  • Eliminates false readings from microwave and portable phone interference
  • Detects 802.11B and G Networks
  • Four bright LED’s to show signal strength

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Log iPod dock

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Log iPod DockOur sister site, I4U News, has a great story on a post of a more literal sense - the iPod dock made from a tree. The dock is made from an actual log and features stereo speakers poking out from either end, used to play music from the iPod which can be docked in it’s top. This brings to mind a calming evening at home listening to the classics on an audiobook. Were I to have one I would keep it in the fireplace - the perfect statement about technology and nature blended together.

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Prometia Mach II CoolerIf you are still looking to squeeze out those last few framerates out of your computer, this just may be the overclockers dream.

The Prometia Cooler Unit uses Phase-Change technology or Vapor Compression Refrigeration to achieve freezing temperatures. The main components include the Evaporator (Copper Cold Plate), Compressor, and Condenser. Heat from the CPU causes liquid refrigerant in the system to be evaporated and carried away to the Condenser via the Compressor. The Condenser then cools the refrigerant back to a liquid which returns to the Evaporator.

Using this device, some users have reported reaching CPU temperatures as low as -50C. Remember, these types of systems may result in condensation. Be careful, as we wouldn’t want to see the $931 you spend on this thing ruin any of your internal components.