On Gear Live: Apple adds to iPad Pro line with new 9.7-inch model, 256GB options


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Apple MVNOn with Wireless?

Posted by Rob Stevens Categories: Cell Phones

Apple Cell Phone ServiceCould your next cell phone be an iPod?  Probably, it’s no secret now that Apple has been working with Motorola to make a phone that works with iTunes.  But what if your next cell phone service came from Apple as well?  According to Forbes, that’s precisely Apple’s plan, or at least, they think it is. Still, Forbes is missing the big picture here.  Apple is about …

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Electrovaya Scribbler SC3000

Posted by Rob Stevens Categories: Handhelds, PC / Laptop

DescriptionTablet PCs are the red-headed stepchildren of the portable computing world, and usually due to the price delta between notebooks and their tablet brethren, people are unwilling to make the compromises that Tablets require.  One machine out there that requires a few less compromises than most is the Electrovaya Scribbler SC3000.  A slate based on the Sonoma platform, the Scribbler is a product of Tatung …

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Weber Q: Portable Gas Grill Review

Weber Q

If you’re heading out to one of our nation’s many parks this holiday weekend, or just staying at home and enjoying the fireworks, odds are, you’re probably going to be grilling.  If you’re searching for that perfect portable grill that can also serve as a great backyard grill, you’ve come to the right place.  Living the high-tech lifestyle isn’t always about gadgets and games, sometimes it’s about getting back …

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iTunes On Your Cellphone? It May Have Already Arrived

DescriptionThe Apple news just keeps on comin’.  When Apple released their newest version of iTunes two days ago, it was mere minutes before people discovered a hidden ability to sync to what was being called an “iTunes Phone”.  Rumors of Motorola launching an iTunes phone, likely to be called ROKR, have swirled around the Internet for months, and the sync ability signaled that the launch of …

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Cablevision Rolling Out 50Mbps Cable in New York

Posted by Rob Stevens Categories: Internet

This has got to be making the leeches on P2P networks salivating right now.  Cablevision has teamed up with Narad Networks to launch a 100Mbps cable service in Metropolitan New York.  Since the connection is symmetrical, this amounts to 50Mbps both upstream and downstream, and uses the existing cabling. Better yet, this is only the initial deployment; further architecture developments will allow up to a 10Gbps over the last mile.  Cablevision services 4.4 million homes in …

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