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Author: Andru Edwards

Seattle, WA

Google Co-Op Goes Live

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Corporate News, Google, Internet

Google Co-OpNow this is good news for those of you who run websites - Google has just launched Google Co-Op. The goal of Google Co-Op is to allow a user to create and integrate a customized version of the Google search engine into their website. You are able to specify which sites you want your Co-Op site to search, which means results will be displayed …

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Apple iSights Sold Out?

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Cameras, Peripherals

iSightAccording to Robert Scoble, who had every intention of picking up a new iSight at a California Apple Store, apparently the peripheral is quite the popular gadget.

So, we went down to the Apple store and tried to buy an iSight. Turns out they are sold out. The salesperson said they can’t keep them in stock. A customer behind me was looking for one …

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Unboxing Sumo Lounge Omni and Otto Beanbags

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Design, Features, Household

Over on Unboxing, we just did a video showcasing an Unboxing Ceremony for a few SumoLounge products - namely their gigantic Omni, and miniature Otto beanbags. Don’t let that fool you though - these things are off the hook, and nearly indestructible. If you are looking for a couple of pieces of “furniture” to add to your den, you may want to check these babies out. Let us know what you think of the video. …

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Now You Can Submit Stories To Gear Live!

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Announcements

Yup, it’s true. We get a lot of requests from people looking to write for Gear Live. We review them all, and bring in people that we think fit in to our wacky vibe. However, we figure that some people just want to submit a story or two every now that then. For that, we have created an area where anyone can submit a story to be considered for publishing on Gear Live. In exchange for …

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