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Apple Announces iPhone Ringtones

iPhone Ringtones

Earlier today, Apple announced ringtones for the iPhone, by way of a new version of iTunes. This will all happen by using a new Ringtone Composer that is built in to the new version of iTunes. You will find a new bell icon next to any purchased songs that are “eligible” to be turned into a ringtone, and will be able to choose any 30 second (or less) …

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Apple Announced 3rd Gen. iPod nano - Plays Video, Cover Flow

iPod nano 3rd Gen

Continuing with all of today’s iPod announcements, Apple has announced the new third generation iPod nano. This time it gets a complete redesign, starting with the size - just 6.5mm thin. It also sports a new 2-inch QVGA 320x240 screen that is 65% brighter than the second generation nano, and is 204 dpi - the highest pixel density screen that Apple has ever shipped. The new …

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Apple Announces the iPod touch

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Portable Audio / Video

Apple iPod touch

We’ve heard it was coming, and today Apple made it official - the iPod touch is now a reality. Those of you hoping for what would essentially be an “iPhone without the phone” have gotten your wish. The iPod touch has the same 3.5-inch screen size and resolution as the iPhone, and even has WiFi built-in. Safari is included as an application, as is YouTube. It even …

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Is This The iPod touch?

iPod touch

Ah, yes, another Apple event is nigh, and that normally means the email tips start flooding in. Case in point, this image of the “iPod touch”. Our immediate thought? Clever mockup…after all, it would make sense that Apple continues to make all their products have a similar look and feel. This iPod touch has a striking resemblance to the newly redesigned iMac that Apple released earlier this month. …

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Leaked Images of New 3rd Gen iPod nano?

iPod nano Gen 3?

UPDATE: Here is a supposed image of the “iPod touch”.

We just got a couple of images sent to us from an anonymous source who claims that this is the new iPod nano that we can expect Steve Jobs to announce at the Apple Special Event taking place this Wednesday, September 5th. Since we’ve seen so many photoshop mockups floating around the Internet recently, we are …

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