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Author: Andru Edwards

Seattle, WA

How To: Change iPhone Email Signature

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Cell Phones, Software

iPhone Signature

We’ve been using our iPhone for answering many an email while on the go, and one question we hear from other iPhone owners deals with how we changed the “Sent from my iPhone” text from the email signature. We figured a quick how to was in order. It’s quite simple, really, but if you tend to stay away from the Settings menu, then you would never see it. …

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Colorware Now Offering iPhone Paint Jobs


With the iPhone selling as well as it is, we are betting there are plenty of opportunities for people to get theirs mixed up with that of someone elses. After all, do you really want to turn it on and verify that the wallpaper on any iPhone you happen to grab really is your bulldog in his pink tutu? This is why we are intrigued by ColorWare‘s latest addition …

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iPhone Bluetooth Headset Available For Order

iPhone Headset

If you’re like me, you’ve been holding out on purchasing a Bluetooth headset for your iPhone because you wanted the official model from Apple. Well, it may not have been available for purchase at the launch of the iPhone, but it’s now available for order on Apple’s online store. For a price of $129 USD, you walk away with the iPhone Bluetooth Headset, the iPhone Dual Dock, and …

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The Gear Live iPhone Review

Now that we’ve spent two weeks with the iPhone, we are now ready to hit you back with our in-depth review and impressions. Needless to say, Apple generated a lot of hype with the iPhone, and many feared it would flop in the face of near impossible levels of pre-release fanaticism. Thankfully I am glad that after a full weeks usage I can attest: Apple actually pulled it off. They lived up to or exceeded every …

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