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New iPhone Commercial: YouTube

Apple has revealed that YouTube is the twelfth application on the iPhone. We have all wondered out loud about the lack of balance shown on the iPhone’s Home screen, what with two rows of four icons, and a third row with only three. Then one of the iPhone commercials gave a peek that there would be twelve, but we just couldn’t see what it was. Now we know. In conjunction with releasing YouTube on Apple …

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OS X 10.4.10 Released

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, PC / Laptop, Software

10.4.10 Update

For the first time, Apple has released 10.x.10 update to one of their operating systems, due likely to the delay of Leopard. In any event, if you are running OS X, kick Software Update into gear and download the new version. We are running Intel-based Macs, and the download weighs in at 49 MB exactly, and includes the following improvements:

RAW camera support Mounting and unmounting external USB …

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YouTube on Apple TV Image Gallery Walkthrough

So yesterday we let you know that YouTube is now on Apple TV. We decided to put together a gallery showing off the slick YouTube interface that Apple put together to turn YouTube into a living room experience. We show you everything, from downloading the update, to the menu system, to our YouTube username (hint: it’s gearlive - subscribe to us!). As we said yesterday, YouTube videos on Apple TV are encoded in H.264 format, so …

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YouTube Arrives on Apple TV

Steve Jobs announced it at All Things D, and earlier today Apple released the first software update for the Apple TV, which included the addition of YouTube to the device. As we noted previously, YouTube has begun to encode videos in the H.264 codec, and these are the videos you are able to see on Apple TV. This should result in higher quality visuals, and YouTube plans to have 10,000 videos encoded by June 29th, and …

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Video: Unboxing Belkin TunePower for Zune

We recently posted a video of us opening up a Belkin TunePower for Zune over on Unboxing that we figured you guys might be interested in. The TunePower for Zune extends the battery life of the device by 6-12 hours, depending on what sort of activity you are doing, and also has a kickstand for your video viewing pleasure. Check out the video for the full scoop.

This video is a part of the Unboxing …

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Vonage Keeps Changing Our E-911 Settings To An Incorrect Address

Vonage E-911Vonage E-911 isn’t helping us at all in our home. For some reason, despite inputting the correct address over and over, Vonage automatically changes it to a completely different address. One that isn’t even in the same city, in fact. At first, it was an annoyance. You see, when we signed up for Vonage, we gave them our address and thought that was that. A couple weeks later, …

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