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Video Unboxing: Zune Halo 3 Edition

We just got our hands on one of the new Zune Halo 3 Edition units, and we thought you might like to see us do an unboxing on video. That is the goal of this episode of Unboxing Live. Peep the video, and then check out the Halo Zune unboxing gallery if you wanna take a look at the stills, yo.


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Zune Halo 3 Edition Details

Halo 3 Edition Zune

We see that a bunch of you enjoyed our Halo 3 Edition Zune unboxing gallery, so we figured you might be interested in knowing a few more details on the device. We just got official word from the Microsoft Zune team on these facts, so you can pretty much bank on the following. First of all, the Halo 3 Edition Zune will only be available in one color - black …

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