On Gear Live: Technics EAH-T700 headphones have jaw-dropping sound


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Video: Zune HD interface, hands-on

Our friends over at Giz got a nice hands-on look at the Zune HD (which we happen to be giving away in our Zune HD contest), and have even got a quick interface tour on video. It’s only about a minute-and-a-half long, so don’t expect it to go too in-depth or anything, but it certainly shows how fast and responsive the Zune HD interface is, in comparison to that of the iPhone or iPod touch. …

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Black Zune HD spotted

Zune HD black

The Zune is available in multiple colors already, so it should be no surprise that the Zune HD will follow suit. In our post yesterday where we shared the Zune HD announcement, you got a look at what appears to be a platinum Zune HD. Here in this post? The black Zune HD. Here’s hoping they keep the blue and red versions around as …

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Zune HD revealed

Zune HD

Microsoft has finally unveiled the Zune HD. The touch-screen Zune is set to take on the iPod touch this fall, when it debuts. The Zune HD will feature an OLED screen, HD radio receiver, and a version of Internet Explorer specifically formatted for the Zune screen, and is based on Windows CE. The Zune HD will also play HD content on televisions using a dock.

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