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DVD Kids Remote Control

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Home Entertainment

DVD Kids Remote Control

What we appreciate about this particular piece of gadgetry is the simplicity by which the target market can use it. Not all younglings are as tech-minded as mine (he is 17 months old, and can turn on anything, unlock any cell phone, and hates all “toy versions” of expensive electronics), which is why the DVD Kids Remote Control is a winner. Just the shape alone pretty much …

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SCOTTeVEST Spoofs iPod Commercials

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Wearables

SCOTTeVEST iPod CommercialOne of our favorite tech companies here at Gear Live is SCOTTeVEST. They make plenty of high quality, functional clothing items geared towards the gadget enthusiast. In fact, on this trip to New York that I am currently on, the SCOTTeVEST was one of the essential items that I packed. Anyways, they just made their own dancing commercial spoofing the all-so-common Apple iPod …

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