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Author: Andru Edwards

Seattle, WA

NetZero 3G: The Truth

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Internet

NetZero HiSpeed 3GI just saw a commercial for NetZero’s latest gimmick, NetZero High Speed 3G. They are saying it is so fast, you won’t believe it’s not broadband. I had to check out the site and find the legal mumbo-jumbo, and here it is:

Speed reference based upon comparison to nationally available dial-up ISPs. NetZero HiSpeed 3G accelerates certain web page text and graphics when …

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SCOTTeVEST T-Shirt Winner

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Announcements, Wearables

SCOTTeVEST T-ShirtSo a few days ago we lamented

celebrated our existence, and in doing so we stated that we were going to be giving away some cool stuff over the month. The first prize we had up for grabs was the SCOTTeVEST Tec T-Shirt. Well, frequent Gear Live tipster FalcoBoy7 walked away with this one. It’s in the mail, bro. The next giveaway should be …

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Almost Pr0n Ironing Board Covers

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Misc. Tech

Jordan Ironing Board Cover

What an interesting way to spice up your home life, huh? These ironing board covers feature well-known beauts from over in England - Kelly, Jordan (Katie Price), Richard, and Mark. A quick look at the site reveals that women do more ironing than men, even in the U.K., as the two women-clad covers are available for purchase, while the male counterparts are sold out. Now, the unique …

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