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Author: Andru Edwards

Seattle, WA

iTunes Turns Two

iTunes Second AnniversaryFor those not keeping track, today marks the two year anniversary of Apple’s launch of the iTunes Music Store, accompanied by its proprietary DRM format which would only play on an iPod. Sure, Real has tried and tried again with Harmony to get onto Apple’s popular little player, but Apple doesn’t like it. Alas, I await the day that iTunes offers a choice of …

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Nokia N91 4 GB Music Phone

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Cell Phones

Nokia N91 Music Phone

While we continue to wait for the iTunes phone from Motorola to show its face, others are taking a more proactive approach to this whole music phone thang. Take Nokia for example, with their N91. In fact, it almost seems silly to buy an iTunes phone when Nokia’s N91 supports the playback of MP3, AAC, WMA, and M4A audio tracks, all of which can be stored …

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Apple Cinema Display Price Cuts

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Hot Deals, Peripherals

Cinema Display Price Drop

For those of you looking to pick up a new Apple Cinema Display to go along with the new PowerMac, you will be happy to know that Apple has dropped the prices on the 20-inch 1680x1050 and 23-inch 1920x1200 models to $800 and $1500 respectively.

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7-Inch Tablet PC Prototype at WinHec

WinHec Tablet PCIt’s obvious that our gadgets are going to continue to get smaller, as ultraportability is what we are all about these days. Yesterday at WinHec, Bill Gates showed off a prototype of a new tablet PC which was only 7 inches diagonal. I am not too sure about this one, as tablet PC’s haven’t really taken off, and other ultraportable tiny PC’s haven’t really made a large …

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Windows XP Setup Simulator

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Software

Windows XP Simulator Okay, this one might be a bit late, but it;e good to see nonetheless for those frightened of upgrading their PC’s. The Windows XP Setup Simulator basically walks you through the setup process you would go through if you were actually installing the OS, but without making any changes to your PC. It allows you to get acquainted with the steps involved …

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Samba 3G Dual Band CDMA/EV-DO USB Modem

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: PC / Laptop, Wireless / WiFi


Samba is currently working on perfecting an EV-DO USB modem which would allow those who don’t want to purchase a PMCIA card to access an EV-DO networks to still get online using their laptop. Of course, if you have a 12-inch PowerBook like I do, then you don’t even have a slot to put the standard EV-DO card into. This CDMA/EV-DO device supports 800 Mhz and 1900 Mhz bands …

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Dubai Emerates Palace Tech Hotel

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Misc. Tech

Dubai Emeriates PalaceThis is the kind of place I would image just about every Gear Live reader would love to spend an extended vacation. It’s the Emerates Palace, where some staff get around on Segway units, and their private beach is Internet ready - and check out the amenity list:

The most advanced hotel multimedia system, including touch screen control panel, will allow guests full …

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