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Author: Andru Edwards

Seattle, WA

Perfect Picture Wall

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Cameras, Misc. Tech, Mods / Hacks

Perfect Picture WallChalk up a victory for people the world over who spend an hour picking a spot to hang a picture, hammering in the nail, then staring at it to be sure it is even. The Picture Wall Company sells the Perfect Picture Wall - basically a lifehack comprised of a one sheet template that you affix to your wall with adhesive. Follow the template …

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Roomba API On The Horizon

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Mods / Hacks, Software

Roomba APIThis just sounds cool, although I think it might be something that I use once or twice, and then never use again. Nonetheless, I am sure there are people out there who could come up with some great uses for a Roomba API:

What sort of add-ons could you have for the Roomba? Angle: For the Roomba, there is a group that’s working very …

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It’s July 7 - No Apple Announcement

Apple AnnouncementSo, while we were looking forward to Apple making some sort of announcement today, which we had hoped would be along the lines of an official iTunes phone announcement, or maybe something related to the much talked about 14” widescreen iBook. Instead, we get nothing. Gotta love ‘em, they keep us guessing.


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WorldProcessor Global Demographics On…Globes

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Misc. Tech

World Processor

The World Processor project uses the old classroom-style globes that we all wanted in our room as kids to show various demographic and statistical information in different parts of the world. Think AIDS statistics, refugee populations, acid rain, debt, and more. I personally enjoy the stylized appearance of the different globes, nice balance between statistics and beauty. Seriously.

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Ultra Dog Disguise Kits

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Wearables, Misc. Tech

Dog Disguise Poodle

Check out this dog, standing there feeling sheepish. All because of a few radical dog lovers

proud dog owners want to make a point that it is unfair to ban a whole breed of dog from a location, rather than doing it on a dog-by-dog basis. So because of this, I guess the way to combat is to punish the dog by dressing them up like idiots? Really, …

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Fast T-Jet T-Shirt Printer

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Wearables, Misc. Tech

Fast T-Jet Printer

The ultimate solution for anyone who needs a quick 10,000 or so T-shirts printed out at a moments notice, the Fast T-Jet allows you to print on any light cloth without much delay at all. Of course, even they have their own proprietary ink that you must buy from them, called FastINK Textile ink. Oh, and the printer costs $10,995 USD. There go my dreams of clothing everyone …

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Gear Live Podcast: Participatory Culture’s Tiffiniy Cheng

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Features, Internet, Podcasts

Participatory Culture Tiffiniy ChengGet ready for a new way to present your work. Peer-to-peer publishing with BitTorrent means file size and cost are not issues anymore, so you can offer fullscreen video with no bandwidth costs. That is the midset behind the Participatory Culture project. We sat with Tiffiniy Cheng of Participatory Culture to discuss bringing the media back into the hands of the people, publishing video on the Internet, …

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Tom Bihn Brain Cell Review

Brain Cell Review

Tom Bihn constructs some very unique and functional bags. We recently got the opportunity to try out a couple of them, and the results are in. The first bag we are going to talk about it the Brain Cell laptop bag. If you have a notebook, it is essential that you have a way to carry it while keeping it protected. How does the Brain Cell meet the …

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