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Verizon Offering Treo 700p

Treo 700p Verizon

For those haters that wanted a new Treo, but weren’t feeling Windows Mobile, you can finally snap up the Treo 700p from Verizon starting on June 1. The 700p runs the Palm OS and runs for $499 USD with a $100 rebate, winding up at $399. Of course, if you want to actually use the phone, you are gonna have to keep paying, as $80 per month …

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The Bleeding Edge 014: Stream DivX To Xbox 360, Verizon Song Identity, Windows Desktop Search

In this show we show off Verizon Song Identity, get an inside look at Windows Desktop Search, and stream DivX to the Xbox 360:

THE WIRE PSP Firmware Upgrade Net Neutrality Bill Voted Down


UNWIRED Verizon Song Identity Service

WEB GEMS Interview with Brandon Paddock, Windows Desktop Search

HACK ATTACK How To Stream DivX To Your Xbox 360

Here’s how to get the show: Subscribe: iTunes iPod / H.264 | iTunes MPEG-4 …

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Macy’s To Bring In iPod Vending Machines

Macy's iPod Vending Machine

In an effort to keep up with the swankiest of swanks, Macy’s has entered into an agreement with Zoom Systems, makers of iPod vending machines. The Macy’s machines will be called Zoom @ Macy’s, and is an attempt to provide consumers with the ultimate in impulse buys. Luckily, these things accept credit cards, because we have more important things to spend the $299 USD (plus tax) in quarters …

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Black DS Lite Hits Europe June 23

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Handhelds, Video Games

Black DS LiteSo, Nintendo has announced that the DS Lite will be available in Europe beginning June 23, 2006. All well and good, except for the fact that Europe gets to enjoy two colors at their DS Lite launch. They get hooked up with the Polar White version that we in the States have to settle for, as well as a jet black version. Heck, even Japan is still …

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Gear Live Forums Updated

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Announcements, Features, Internet

The Gear Live Forums have just undergone a nice upgrade, adding quite a few requested features. Here are the improvements that were added over the weekend:

“Next/Previous thread” links in thread view page. RSS Support. Individual threads can be subscribed to, or the entire forum globally. Show/hide capability to forum man page, enabling specific forum clusters you are interested to be shown. “View today’s active topics” link to main forum page. “New topic” button in the …

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