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A Look At The Xbox 360 Vista Media Center Extender

When we all started downloading Windows Vista Beta 2 when it was made available to the public, it was immediately noticeable to those of us running Media Center to an Xbox 360 that the interface took a dive from what it was like using Media Center 2005. Fear not - a recent build of Windows Vista running over an Xbox 360 shows vast improvement in the UI in terms of fluidity, and usability. Check out …

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The Bleeding Edge 018: A Visit To iRiver, Jonathan Sasse Interview

Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors at a major tech company? We hung out with the higher ups at iRiver America and got a tour of the place. We also sat down with iRiver America CEO Jonathan Sasse, and talked a bit about the company, the evolution of the iRiver clix, working with Microsoft and MTV, DRM, and a few other topics. Oh, and we got a look at the iRiver hummer.

Here’s …

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Del Mar Magma Grill

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Design, Household

Del Mar Magma GrillAs summer continues to melt our non-air conditioned office, we often find ourselves thinking about technology related to the season. When we were sent news about the Del Mar Magma Grill, we laughed at how much it resembled a podium, but then realized the draw. Most grills are either too small, or just way too big and bulky. The Del Mar Magma …

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Robo3 Robots For Hire

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Design, Misc. Tech

R7 Robot

In this day and age, it’s just too taboo to have some sort of human that you can have fetch you things, ride on whenever you please, and exist completely for your own personal enjoyment. Animals have tried to fill this space, but they typically do whatever the hell they want, leaving us with no true method of having another being answer to our beck and call. Enter …

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Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS Super Unit

nuvi 360 For those out there that have to push it to the extreme just a bit, the Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS device is right up your alley. Rather than opting to be a great GPS unit, the Nuvi 360 also plays MP3s and audio books, and also includes a language converter, picture viewer, world clock, currency converter, anti-theft lock, and has built-in Bluetooth. Oh, …

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MotionLingo Adeo Beats Nike+iPod?

MotionLingo AdeoIf Kevin Tofel is to be believed, the MotionLingo Adeo kills the Nike+iPod product dead in it’s tracks. The device offers similar functionality - track your run while listening to music, receive audible feedback over your music, and data analysis. The thing is, the Adeo just happens to do it to a much greater degree. This thing will give you an overlay of the …

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Photos of Netflix Headquarters

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Corporate News, Internet, Movies

Netflix HQ

So, my boy Mike over at HackingNetflix went over to Netflix HQ for a tour and interview with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. While there, he also snapped a bunch of photos of both the outside and inside of the building. Based on the images, we are impressed. I mean, how many companies out there have conference rooms likened after The Matrix or Edward Scissorhands? We have a couple …

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