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Optimus Mini Three Has Arrived

Optimus Mini Three

It seems like we have waited for both the Optimus OLED Keyboard and the Optimus Mini Three for an eternity. The good news, however, is that the Mini Three has finally arrived, and ThinkGeek will soon be selling those bad boys. In fact, they got one in early, and took a few unboxing images to show the three-keyed device off. The OLED keys look great, but they …

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New Video Show: Unboxing Live

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We know that a bunch of our readers are gadget freaks to the point where we had to launch Unboxing to specifically cover the opening of new gadgets. Looking to expand upon that, we are now launching a new video show, Unboxing Live. In Unboxing Live, we will simply take a new gadget, and open it up while the camera is rolling. We will show off the device, and any included accessories. This will …

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Gear Live Giveaway: iRiver clix (Reminder)

Gear Live iRiver clix Giveaway

Just a reminder…

So, check it. Gear Live reader and forum contributer Admiral_Kirk made it clear to us that our recent contests have been a bit too hard, not allowing the Average Joe to win because of the expertise required. Fine, we can understand that. So, we decided that to make up for that, we will make it insanely easy to win an iRiver clix from us. …

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The Bleeding Edge 020: Xbox Studios Tour, Major Nelson Interview

Trends have shown that a lot of you guys watching our show and into games. In fact, a few people on our Xbox Live friends list are there because of this show. We have received requests for more cool game footage, and we think we have delivered with this one. In this episode, Andru and Sparky head down to the Xbox Studios in Redmond to get a tour of the facilities and operations center. We also …

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SpeedTest.net Beta: Addictive

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Broadband, Internet

If SpeedTest.net is anything, it’s addictive. We know, the validity of various broadband speed tests across the Internet is questionable. With so many variables across both your internal network as well as the Internet as a whole, along with bursting services like Comcast SpeedBoost, these tests can be off. That’s fine, but we still can’t help getting pissed at Comcast when our speed test to a server across the world isn’t up to par with advertised …

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