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Author: Andru Edwards

Seattle, WA

Wicked Laser Nexus Review

Wicked Laser

Our boy, David Ponce, over at OhGizmo has just posted up a review of the Wicked Laser Nexus. This is the green laser that we featured in Episode 4 of The Bleeding Edge, and in our quick review of Wicked Laser products. These things are, um, Wicked in every sense. Check out the full review over at OhGizmo.

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Video: Steve Jobs Unveils The First iPod

Wow - the nostalgia of it all. Steve Jobs keynotes used to be so low key. Nowadays, a new iPod announcement wouldn’t be made with such little fanfare. Then again, back then, iPods were only compatible with Macs, and they just weren’t as cool (looking) back then. Still, the unveiling of the first iPod was a huge moment in the history of digital entertainment. For that reason alone, this is worth a look.

... …

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The Bleeding Edge 010: iTrip Auto, Jobster Interview, Boot Camp

Gear Live Bleeding EdgeIn this show we review the iTrip Auto, go over Boot Camp, detroy technology, and more:

THE WIRE PowerMax DA4000 MR Mobile Repeater Apple’s Boot Camp Ultimate iPod Case

GIZMATIC iTrip Auto Review Walit Review

INTERVIEW Phil Bogle, Jobster

BREAKIN’ STUFF Audiovox 2-Way Radio U.S. Robotics Fax Modem

Here’s how to get the show: Subscribe: iTunes iPod / H.264 | iTunes MPEG-4 | RSS iPod …

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Astone’s Ultra-Portable Washing Machine

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Design, Household, Misc. Tech

Astone Portable Washing MachineFor anyone constantly on the go, we know that doing laundry can get in the way. Apparently, Astone knows that as well, as they are set to start selling this portable washing machine this June. Weighing in at about four-and-a-half pounds, this puppy can hold up to 1.7 gallons of water once it’s inflated. The word is that it will do everything …

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Modded Mac mini Made Portable

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Mods / Hacks, PC / Laptop

Mac mini Portable

When you want to take your computer on the go, unless you have a notebook, your options are pretty limited. I mean, do you know anyone that could hook you up with the Pimp My Ride guys so that they can take your Dell Dimension and throw it into the back of your vehicle? Neither do we. Instead, one must get creative. With the immediate freebie that …

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