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Thursday February 16, 2012 7:08 pm

YikeBIke introducing a modern Penny Farthing-style electric bike


We all remember the Penny Farthing bikes, right? They featured one oversized wheel and no pedals. Whether you saw it in an old British flick or in a book, we never thought that the style would make a comeback. We were wrong. YikeBike, a small company across the pond, is aiming resurrect the Penny Farthing bicycle.

Once you get past its odd look and the slight discomfort of the seat, you may actually fall in love with one of these. There's certainly some good to like about the YikeBike. It’s sleek, slim, and when folded up is about the size of a suitcase. Furthermore, for those that travel into the city by bus or train, you can use a TikeBike once you leave public transportation to get to your destination. All that said, there are a few things we definitely don't like about this thing. The YikeBike is an electric-powered bicycle which uses break regeneration to slow itself down when you let off the gas. So you can never completely come to a stop, unless you bail out. The price of the YikeBike may also leave you screaming, as it's priced at $3,800 for the carbon fiber model, and $2,000 for the aluminum version.

Translogic's Bradley Hasemeyer skimmed across the pond to try the YikeBike for himself, check out his test ride after the jump!

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I do remember penny farthing bikes, I read it in a book about it. This one seems approximately the same as it used to be. After reading the article I have a mixed feeling, I am quite impressed also and a bit confused also. Like it appears to be highly efficient for use and is time saving but as told about the price and use of break regeneration, I feel a bit dicey. I am looking forward to some more comments as I am planning to buy it for my son. Some one with a review is appreciated. Thanks!

Yikebikes are normally for adults who can easily travel, though it is is slim, sleek and compact but I suppose your son is not that big. If not, you could get him a 7-speed bike which will be good for his physical fitness too, some what like this which I bought for my son.
My son quite liked it and it is pretty cheap. So you might give a thought on that.

Ah! Thanks! for the suggestion. You do have a point but I was just attracted by this look and technology of electric bike but now I realized that he is a kid and moreover this might be not the right time to give this I gave a look at <a href=“http://www.criticalcycles.com/”>critical cycles</a> and found various bikes, I’ll show him and let him decide which one he wants, Thanks! smile

Dean Hooper Dean Hooper 12/23/13 3:31 am

Well Penny probably you’re right Critical Cycles really do have a good collection of bikes and have looks too but before going for it I would suggest you to please have a look at http://www.retrospecbicycles.com/ too. This might get you a bike with good looks and better features. smile

Francesco Tae-Ok,Kim Francesco Tae-Ok,Kim 2/15/14 2:48 am

I want it.
전기자전거 구입에 관심있으며 판매도 하기를 원합니다.

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