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Thursday July 13, 2006 4:38 pm

Yahoo, Microsoft Hop in IM Bed Together

If you’re one of those MSN Messenger (sorry…Windows Live Messenger) or Yahoo Messenger fans who is really devoted to your IM client but has friends on the other network, fear not – Microsoft and Yahoo have officially declared it safe for your IM client to now chat with your buddy. The Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger with Voice applications can now connect with one another via a limited public beta program which can be signed up for at Microsoft or Yahoo’s Web sites. Features which will be usable between the two IM clients include exchanging instant messages, seeing one’s online presence, viewing status messages, share select emoticons, viewing offline messages and adding new contacts from either service.

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Right after I saw this I went and joined both betas (one from Yahoo, one from Microsoft) and started toying around with it. Of the two IM clients, I primarily use Windows Live Messenger, so I went ahead and added my Yahoo Messenger contacts to my Windows Live contacts. However, I noticed that even when one of my contacts was online and visible in Yahoo Messenger, I could not see that he was online using Windows Live Messenger. My best guess is that in order for this to work, both people - you and the person on the other network - need to be in their respective betas. Because of this, I think that until adoption of this beta becomes more prevalent, this feature will be sort of worthless (although still a welcome addition). I just think that it may be a while before everyone on my contacts list upgrades to Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger 8 (with voice) Beta.

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