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Sunday April 10, 2005 9:25 pm

Xbox 2/360 Controller Images Via OurColony

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Okay, if you used I Love Bees as a way to find out anything you could about Halo 2 in advance, you can now do it all over again with OurColony.net. Many are speculating that this will be the covert Xbox 2/360 spoiler site - and it has already delivered. The following two images were found on the OurColony webspace:

Xbox 2 Controller Xbox 360 Controller

Now, put these images together and you get the following:

Xbox 360 Controller

Now, this is all fairly suspect, but it is all there. Couple that with these two supposed leaked Xbox 2/360 prototype controller images, and it all seems to start coming together. I would bet that the final controller will look a bit more ergonomic than these, but the wireless feature is pretty much a lock to stay:

Xbox 2/360 Wireless Controller

Xbox 2/360 Wireless Controller

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I hope the 2.4GHz wireless doesn’t mess up your wireless networks.  I had to get new portable phones for that reason…  Otherwise it looks pretty cool keeping in mind its a prototype…

looks almost like a dreamcast copy without the DC lcd screen.

Its a prototype, remember that…

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