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Wednesday February 23, 2005 1:06 am

X vs. XP Compares OS X and Windows XP

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Internet, Software

DescriptionWhile our article on why Apple makes a one buttoned mouse continues to stir controversy, we figured we would fill you in on a site that compares the two operating systems that are most prominent. X vs. XP puts Mac OS X and Windows XP Pro/Home side by side in a huge multitude of categories ranging from usability to appearance to video playback. As you read the comparisons,  you get a nice understanding for what goes into operating system design. In the end, Mac OS X comes out on top - but Windows XP certainly beats its Mac counterpart in quite a few categories.

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This semester I am studying Systems Programing - so I get a good look at all the hard work that goes into producing an operating system. Not an easy task - however, the hardware archticture takes a very big role on how the OS will handle certain things. Overall it is really the programer’s job to decide how to take advantage of certain things. Obviously these two companies can learn somethings from each other and come up with a better design that will benefit both systems. For now, as a user, we need to really think of what type of system we will use and need to use. Of course, having one of each is always an alternative if you can afford it.

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