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Monday January 7, 2013 9:32 pm

Withings Smart Activity Tracker set to take on Fitbit

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Withings Smart Activity Tracker

Withings has announced its contender in the wearable fitness tracker battle with its Smart Activity Tracker at CES 2013. As seen in the image, the Smart Activity Tracker is small, similar to a Fitbit, and it nicely packs in Bluetooth 4.0 for low battery consumption. Throw it in a pocket or wear it on your belt or arm, and it'll track steps taken, flights of stairs climbed, calories burned, sleep quality, and running strides. Even cooler, unlike other similar devices, this one can measure your pulse when you press your finger against its built-in heart rate monitor. A small OLED display is on front to provide all of your stats at a glance, and the battery lasts about two weeks per charge, and uses micro USB for recharging. No pricing info is available for the Smart Activity Tracker just yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we know.

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The Fitbit can be a revolutionary approach to monitoring your life-style with fitness and well-being in your thoughts. The Fitbit works similarly to have an traditional digital digital pedometer because it’s worn with the user and may count the quantity of steps the consumer takes each day. Want to read another Fit bit pedometer review? Visit us today.

Unlike a standard digital digital pedometer that isn’t where the functionality in the Fitbit finishes. It’ll much more than merely count steps. The system might be clipped for the clients clothing or moved in the pocket and measures distance traveled in miles, the amount of calories consumed with the user and contains an invisible transmitter than sends important computer data for the Fitbit website.

The web functionality allows you to definitely certainly enter in the foods you’ve eaten inside the day. There website will offer you a wealth on information covering the amount of calories you used as compared to the number you needed in and a lot of useful data relevant for the activity inside the day.

Additionally to monitoring your activity when you’re awake it provides a sleep monitoring function. You press some control round the Fitbit to share with it you are likely to retire for that evening then placed on the Fitbit in the particularly designed wrist band that’s comfortable. The sleep monitoring feature provides you with excellent data around the standard from the sleep. It’ll let you know that extended it needed you to visit sleep, the amount of occasions you moved within your sleep and then for any waking periods you’d.

This allows you to definitely certainly tell simply how much quality sleep you will get. Receiving enough quality sleep is important for that health as sleep allows your body and mind to heal and repair itself. By considering causing you to mindful of view of your life-style you are more able to make changes.

It is the same story while using monitoring of calories. When you are provided with information which discloses that you are eating food than you will need you cannot neglected as rapidly. Applying this system I lost a stone . 5 in six several days.

The customer services are absolutely excellent too. I damaged my Fitbit although running. It absolutely was my own, personal fault then when I contacted the business of a repair they sent us a alternative free of charge. I recommend anybody who’s concerned about their fitness and lifestyle buys one. To read a detailed Fitbit pedometer review, visit out website today.

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