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Tuesday October 11, 2005 12:10 am

Wi-Fi Gets Added to Dictionary

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Wireless / WiFi

Wi-Fi DictionaryNice - the term “Wi-Fi” has officially made it into the dictionary. If you need a definition, here you go:

abbreviation -  Wireless Fidelity, a group of technical standards enabling the transmission of data over wireless networks.
verb - convert or adapt for Wireless Fidelity compatibility : what type of electronics will be immune from being Wi-Fied?

It’s always great to see emerging technologies make enough of an impact to gain mainstream recognition.

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I wonder if we could get the word XBOX in the dictionary… Seriously, I don’t see the point in adding it to the dictionary. It is well known, and it might be one day replaced by another standard.

Xbox would be useless to add as it is a video game system, not a technology of any sort. Words get outdated, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be added to the dictionary. That’s what its there for in the first place,  to find meaning of works.

Its an abreviation, not a word. Does not compute. Why not teach the public on regular vocabulary as the majority seem to be lacking.

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