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Thursday October 21, 2010 11:22 am

webOS 2.0 over-the-air update coming soon

Posted by John Kilhefner Categories: Smartphones, Software

HP Palm Pre 2 webos 2.0

Getting a little tired of your Palm Pre falling to the wayside in favor of other more popular operating systems, like Android and iOS4? Well, faithful Pre users will finally be able to upgrade without switching loyalties to another OS, as webOS 2.0 is coming a lot sooner than you expected. First showing up on the more hardware advance Palm Pre 2, webOS 2.0 will also be available with most of its advancements via an over-the-air update. Here are some of the features you can expect with webOS 2.0: 
WebOS 2.0 introduces a more effective way of multitasking - stacking. With the new stacking feature your “cards” can be sorted one on top of another for related grouping, and can be manually maneuvered around to your liking. This takes the already comprehensive (see what I did there?) multitasking features of the Pre to new, more convenient heights. 
Just Type…
The new Just Type feature allows you to do exactly what the name suggests and just start typing. From there you will be able to quickly compose a text message, email, note, update your status on Facebook, or search the internet. Not to mention that Just Type will definitely become integrated into publishers’ apps, so the possibilities are endless.

Open Sesame
One of Palm’s biggest advantages of their OS is Synergy. WebOS 2.0 will now be able to take Palm’s Synergy to another level by plugging in your various calendars, messengers, and contacts into your phone as one clean entity. 
Using the Touchstone Charging Dock with your Palm Pre will now allow for a new Exhibition feature that displays your apps in real time. For instance, Facebook 2.0 can be set to show when charging, displaying your notifications as you get them; as well as other apps that adapt and display updates. 
The limitation of web surfing are beginning to fade as webOS 2.0 allows the Palm browser to display content in Flash thanks to Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta. 
More Messaging
With webOS 2.0, Yahoo! IM and buddy management is now included in the messaging services. Also, Facebook 2.0 will be able to run the IM feature by way of Synergy in the Messaging application. What’s more is that Just Type will allow for quick use of messaging and updates, while the exhibition feature will show your messaging applications in real time. 
Google Docs
With webOS 2.0’s Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite, Google Docs and Dropbox can now be synced to your device, allowing you to stay connected to even more of your important documents. Furthermore, webOS 2.0 will allow for Ipsec, and Cisco AnyConnect mobile optimized VPN.
If you are a Verizon Wireless user then you will be able to enjoy Skype Mobile when you get your new webOS 2.0 update. This will allow for free Skype-to-Skype calls and messaging.

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