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Tuesday February 15, 2005 12:21 pm

Wearable Warnings Electroshock Clothing

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Text Want to keep creeps away from from you, but don’t have a pair of nunchucks with you at all times?  Wearable Warnings, a project by Philip Worthington at the RCA in London, is a prototype coat that helps you do just that.  From their website:

The prototype design is a coat with warning strips of fur that become electro-statically charged in situations where the wearer feels threatened. When charged the fur begins to stand on end; a visual indication that the wearer is uncomfortable. If someone invades the wearer’s personal space they will begin to feel a second warning; as they enter the coat’s electrostatic field they will feel tingling skin sensations and their hair will stand on end. The fur will begin to twitch toward them and emit crackling sounds. If the ‘threat’ proceeds to touch the fur then 100,000 volts of electro-static charge discharges from the fur, into the offender’s body (non-lethal but definitely a bite).

They forgot to mention that it makes you look like a B-movie monster.

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Wait until you see the dorky videos on that site.

Rather carry a taser around. That fur thing makes it look stupid.

Geez, just carry a fire arm and shoot the bastard! It dont get more simple than that!  No waiting time too!!!...unless you have reload!  hehe mad

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