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Sunday January 16, 2005 8:42 am

A Look at VoltageNet

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Most of you are probably aware of the free site craze that has been bloating the internet lately. A lot of users, my self included, were skeptic these sites until the recent success of the Gratis Networks site FreeiPods.com. Since its widespread popularity, FreeiPods has spawned a number of knockoff sites run by other corporations as well as individuals. Again, since most of these corporations and individuals have yet to make a name for themselves, people are not sure which sites are legitimate or not. VoltageNet is an individually owned and operated network that has begun to make a name for itself as a legitimate incentive network. Read on to find out more about VoltageNet, including an interview with the man in charge, Jeffrey Grossman.

Jeff began his venture back in October of 2004 when he launched freeiStuff.com. This site offered people an easy way to get accessories for their free iPods. It was the first individually run free site and was a smart way to follow up the free iPod craze. A request on our own Gear Live forums sparked the beginning of FreeSoundDock.com. In late October, Jeff launched FreeSoundDock.com, where users could get one of the most sought after accessories for the iPod. The Voltage trademark began to surface when VoltageHost was launched. VoltageHost offers affordable and powerful web hosting with excellent support. The end of the year marked Jeff’s next venture, FreeiPodPhotos.com. By this time, Jeff began to build a good reputation and offered a nice alternative to people who were beginning to get frustrated with Gratis Networks. FreeiPodPhotos was run on Jeff’s script that he developed, with a few other programmers, called Project RAFS. Project RAFS allowed other users to easily setup and run their own free site. I was the first to purchase and use this script with GetFreeTech.com, and so far I have found it to be one of the better scripts available. His most recent venture was a benefit site for the victims of the tsunami. HelpDisasterVictims.com allowed users who did not have money to donate to do an offer, and the affiliate commissions would go to the Red Cross. With all this under his belt, it was time to put his network of sites under one label, and VoltageNet was born.

All of this in such a short period of time? It is pretty amazing actually. To date, VoltageNet has shipped out approximately $20,000 worth of free items. Now that you have gotten acquainted with VoltageNet, here is more infomation on the company from owner Jeffrey Grossman.

Gear Live: Where did the name VoltageNet come from?

VoltageNet: VoltageNet came from our hosting company, VoltageHost.  We decided to use the same root word, Voltage.  Net comes from the word network.

Gear Live: Do you plan on releasing any new sites in the future?

VoltageNet: Yes.  We have some things planned for the future.  No more details will be given though.

Gear Live: How about a small hint? maybe a time frame?

VoltageNet: Hmmm.  I’ll say probably less than a month.

Gear Live: Would you mind supplying us with a complete list of sites under the VoltageNet Network?

VoltageNet: Not at all.  Here is a list of the sites along with the dates that they were released:

  • freeiStuff.com – October 14, 2004
  • freeSoundDock.com – October 23, 2004
  • VoltageHost.com – October 31, 2004
  • freeiPodPhotos.com – December 1, 2004
  • Project-RAFS.com – December 10, 2004
  • HelpDisasterVictims.com – December 29, 2004
  • VoltageNet.com – January 9, 2005
  • ShuffleiPods4Free.com – January 11, 2005

Gear Live: What inspired you to take on such a massive venture?

VoltageNet: I got very interested in free giveaway sites when Gratis first started freeiPods.com.  I decided that I would like to create a series of websites that fixed all of the problems with Gratis; such long wait times for orders, no/delayed offer credit, and being put on hold for no
reason.  I am proud to say that all orders on all of our websites have been sent out as of now and futures orders should be sent out the same
day or the day after the user places the order on one of our network sites.

Gear Live: How do you manage to support so many sites by yourself?

VoltageNet: Project RAFS does 99% of the work for me.  All I have to do each day is give offer credits (which the script automates most of), answer support tickets, verify users, and place the orders.  Most of this is automated or at the very least sped up by Project RAFS.

Gear Live: What does RAFS stand for?

VoltageNet: I always wondered why I am rarely asked this question.  “Run a Free Site”

Gear Live: What do you feel sets you apart from the other incentive networks?

VoltageNet: Like I said earlier, our shipping times are much faster than all of the other sites.  Support ticket answering and verifying users are also usually done within hours.

Gear Live: Do you still deal with a lot of people on the internet believing that your sites are a “scam”?

VoltageNet: Not really. When I first started free sites and it took 2 months to send out the first orders, people started to get skeptical, but they were always re-assured that I would come through because I was so active in the communities. They believed me when I told them I needed to wait for my first check, probably because I was being so honest. Now I have definately made a name for my sites, and I haven’t seen anyone doubting them anymore.

Gear Live: How has your company been doing so far? Have the profits been decent enough to call it a success?

VoltageNet: Would I be opening more sites if my previous sites had been losing money?

Gear Live: Having developed the RAFS script, do you have any worries that it may contribute to the already crowded incentive site phenomenon?

VoltageNet: Not really. When you think about the fact that Gratis has millions of users and Project RAFS owners have only a couple thousand, it’s a very small percentage to worry about.

Gear Live: Do you have anything else you wish to address with the readers?

VoltageNet: I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who believed in me and thanks for making my sites successful!

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