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Thursday November 9, 2006 11:38 pm

Ugobe Hatches Pleo

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Tired of your Furby? Ugobe has just released the Pleo Life Form, designed from a fossil of the original Jurassic-period Camarasaurus. Referred to as a “designer species,” the week-old Pleo learns and reacts as he explores his environment with senses of sight, sound, and touch. Each one has a unique personality and is capable of expression, feeling differing emotions, and even sleeping and dreaming.

Pleo’s creators claim that the long-neck dinosaur exhibits the 3 laws of ugobe life forms, which are to feel and express emotions, become aware of itself and its environment, and evolve over time and adapt to that environment. Get two of them and they will recognize each other and even share a cold. Check out ugobe’s demo and see if you don’t immediately fall in love.

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wow very cool. Even cooler that is is actually already going to be retail…though $200 is rough, I would grab one right away if I had the cash. It’s exciting to see things like this and seems we are getting close to the “future” every day lol. Still pissed there weren’t flying cars by 2000 like I thought there would be as a kid though heheh.

Just hope Arnold is still around to destroy these things, when the time comes.

We just got an update from Pleo’s keepers. He is pre-orderable and will be out early next year. First sales will go to those who do that. He retails at $250 and will also be making a live appearance at the CES 2007.


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