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Friday March 23, 2012 4:23 pm

Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S) price announced, only to disappoint, at $24,930

SCion FR-S Overpriced

There has been much hype surrounding the Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S for the U.S.) and the Subaru BRZ after both vehicles hit the assembly line a few days ago. Much of the speculation was that the car was going to be a game changer for both manufacturers. On Toyota’s side, they would finally have a proper sports car after killing their legendary Supra (our fingers are still crossed in hopes Toyota will bring it back.) On other side of the field, Subaru has given up their claim to fame in only producing all-wheel-drive vehicles, as the BRZ is a rear-wheel drive coupe. But personally, the biggest blow is the price tag attached to the Toyota 86--$24,930.

Let’s be real here, with a sticker price in the mid $20s, the Toyota 86 doesn’t hold a candle to some its competitors. In the neighborhood of $25,000 you have plenty of other options. If you’re looking for a bit more room and functionality, you can pick up a Volkswagen Golf GTI, which starts at $23,995. If you’re looking for a thrill and all weather functionality, you have the Subaru WRX, which starts at $25,595.

Now if you’re wondering what the BRZ will be priced at, it’ll cost even more without a doubt. But Subaru has not yet released their price on the coupe. Unless you’re a diehard for a coupe, the BRZ’s price point is just illogical, not too mention that for $24,250 you can get a coupe that’ll run circles around the T86 and BRZ all day long. Wondering what that is? The newly redesigned Hyundai Genesis, featuring 274 horses. This, in our opinion is a better buy in the current sports coupe market.

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Ah, no. Yes, the new Genesis has more hp than the previous model, but I am not solely basing my view on this factor alone. The Genesis has had some time to go around the block a few times. It’s been refined and retuned since the first generation model. 

Another reason why I think it’s a better choice, is the price the Genesis comes in at. Frankly, I find it the best bang for the buck. You have a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty, which Subaru or Toyota have yet to offer. And before the argument starts saying “It’s a Korean car, therefore you need a 10 years warranty,” ask yourself would you back a product for ten years stating it’ll function like the day you drove it off the lot? The warranty says something about the car. But that’s beside the point. Another reason why I believe the Genesis is better than the T86/BRZ is for the fact it was pitted against the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger and held its ground. Keep in mind this was the first generation model v6 pitted against v6 competitors. Furthermore, if you opt for track tunes Genesis you’re already steps head of the pack with a track tuned car. 

Another reason why I think you have better options out there is look at its price point. You’re paying $24,230 for a Scion. A Scion, which historically speaking is Toyota’s “we had some parts left over so we built you this brand.” Scion’s have never been known for luxury or producing anything spectacular. They are your “run of the mill” cars priced to sell and attract younger buyers to the Toyota brand. 

Here is what I find the kicker, I highly doubt Subaru will be price that same as the Scion, odds are it’ll be about 2k more. Also, Subaru doesn’t practice pure pricing like Scion, so expect to see a second sticker with the BRZ. With that said and done you’re well into WRX  territory, if not base-level STI neighborhood, which out runs and out does anything on and off the track. 

I’d rather be a horsepower idiot, driving my stage 1 GTI any day of the week, rather over paying for a brand name plagued with throttle and other quality control issues. 

The cars are in the same class. Though the T86 may be a drift build, you can’t claim immunity from comparison on that fact alone. It’s like saying you can’t Ford truck with a Chevy truck because one is built to tow and the other is built for a payload. Both have their pros and cons, likewise does the T86 and the Genesis. All I’m saying for that price range you have a lot of options to choose from, so choose wisely.


The base price of a WRX is $25,595. A base level STI is $34,094, which is more than last years price. Again, speculating that the BRZ will be priced more than the FRS you’re well in the price range of the WRX and nearing the neighborhood of the STI when it comes to terms in priced. As far as trendiness goes, to each his own, I’m not a fan of either. But again at that price range you have a lot of options to choose from, which is all I’m saying.

Update: The Subaru BRZ is priced at 25,500, which is $95 cheaper than the WRX. At that a price point I’d spring for the WRX.

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