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Monday June 20, 2005 1:32 pm

Top 10 iPod Feature Requests

Posted by Sparky Categories: Portable Audio / Video

iPod Requests iPodLounge has an interesting article on the their top 10 (well 11 technically) picks for added features to future versions of iPods. Most of them I can agree with - things like a user replaceable battery and gapless playback are pretty obvious, but a few of them struck me as things outside of the realm of what you should expect a portable audio player to do. Oddly they didn’t mention the one ‘feature’ I would have thought of first - a chassis that’s not polished chrome so it won’t emit a gravitational field which attracts scratches and fingerprints. The article is well worth the read if you are a current iPod owner or are considering getting one. It’s well thought out and presents a lot of details well. Apple is coming up on being due for another revision of the iPod - will they listen? Let us know your thoughts on what you would like to see added to or changed on the next iPod revision.

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