On Gear Live: 5 kitchen gadgets to up your cooking game

Monday September 26, 2005 8:22 am


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TIX LED ClockIt took me about 5 minutes to figure out how cool this clock is. For the uber-technocentric geeks out there it’s a must have - sadly, that might be us. The TIX LED Clock has lights that display the time in a very unique way. Unless told it was a clock, you would never even be the wiser. The blinking lights represent a number for each section, meaning that if there is 1 light in the first section and 2 in the following 3 sections (7 lights total), the time would be 12:22. Confused? So are we - and it’s going to cost us £39.95. Yeah, you know you want it, too.

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For one second I thought it was a binary clock. I want one, it seems pretty geeky but who cares. They look like buildings though, I wonder if there are small office employees inside… hmmmm interesting. Count me in.

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