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Wednesday April 6, 2005 5:29 pm

ThermalTake Xray PC Lighter and Cup Holder

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Accessories, Mods / Hacks

Thermaltake XrayWhat the heck? Apparently this thing has been around for a while, but it’s news to me. Basically, the Thermaltake Xray fits into a 5.25” drive bay, and provides a bit of comfort for chain smoking, beer-swilling computer users. You see, the Xray provides both a beverage tray and a cigarette lighter. The light can be removed, and you can use the port to charge in-car accessories like a cell phone. Now you can finally be the envy of the LAN party - it’s just sad that it took this to get you there.

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Great idea of putting liquids so close to your hardware. So the cup slips, so it spills all over your new system that cost you 2 grand to build which is now completely fried, no biggie, right? People should stop using their @ss as a brain.

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