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Tuesday March 14, 2006 1:58 am

TextPayMe Xbox 360s Being Delivered - Want One?

TextPayMe Xbox 360We have had quite a few people ask in asking us about the TextPayMe Xbox 360 giveaway we are doing on our site. It seems that the issue in question is, since Xbox 360s are so hard to find, how can TextPayMe have enough to give out? My friend Chris Pirillo has delivered the proof. He has posted a video of five Xbox 360 Core systems being delivered to his doorstep, along with an audio interview with CJ from TextPayMe. See? Don’t be so pessimistic. We still hope to give away a bunch of Xbox 360 units on The Bleeding Edge, so sign up for the service (it’s free) today to be eligible. Anyone that signs up using our link is automatically entered into our giveaway - plus, you can work towards your own 360.

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Do you think you could let us know every now and then how many referrals you have? Last I read, you needed 11 more referrals for the first free 360.

Would be cool if they make a personal delivery to you as well Andru smile.

This is a very cool service so sign up now if you haven’t already. Then make your friends sign up (using the link here heheh) so it will be easier for them to pay you back when you buy their McNuggets wink. Just remind them of the free $5 they get just for signing up…that alone could buy at least 10 nuggets lol.

Actually - we just need ONE MORE signup for a 360.

Come on - I know SOMEONE out there hasn’t yet signed up smile

Congrats Andru, the guys over at textpayme added a blurb about trying to win the xbox from Gear Live during the Bleeding Edge on their newest blog entry: http://blog.textpayme.com/blog/2006/03/xbox-360-giveaway-its-wrap.html#links

Now I just need to get out my voodoo dolls so I can win the GL giveaway smile.

yeah. Watch The Bleeding Edge 009 for info on the winner of one of the 360’s and info on how to win the second one wink.


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