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Monday August 15, 2005 2:07 pm

Texting While Driving Brings Huge Fines in South Wales

Posted by Alex Grahmann Categories: Cell Phones

Driving While Texting In WalesIn what will probably come as a horrific turn of events for 17-year-old Welsh girls, police in South Wales have implemented a monumental raise in the fine associated with text messaging while operating a motor vehicle. The new ticket will cost £1000 ($1815 USD) rather than £30 ($55 USD).  Additionally, six demerit points will be added to the offending driver’s record, which will take a noticeable toll on insurance rates.  With gas running over $5 a gallon in the UK, driving the high-tech lifestyle may just have gotten too expensive in South Wales.

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who da hell types while there driving? You gotta give it to the brits, this is truely weird! Then again its safer to take a vacation in chernobyl than merry old england.

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