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Tuesday January 25, 2005 3:51 am

Nokia to Produce Single Chip Mobile Phones Based on TI Chip

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Texas InstrumentsTexas Instruments has been working with Nokia to create even smaller cellular phones. By integrating all of a cell phone’s main functions into a single TI chip, Nokia will be able to make cell phones that are smaller, faster, and better. With more room to spare in the phone, Nokia can focus on integrating features into their phones, such as digital media, GPS, and wireless LAN. The smaller chips will consume less power, allowing for longer battery life. While Nokia’s main target demographic for these phones will be China and India, its not difficult to believe that this technology will soon show up in American phones.

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my god. lol everytime i read up on these new cell phones it keeps turning into more of a computer. but the smaller and compact look is def a plus

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