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Wednesday April 20, 2005 3:11 pm

TDK To Begin Making Blu-Ray Media

Blu-Ray TDK Professional It looks like TDK has obtained a licensing agreement with Sony to start the manufacturing and distribution of Blu-Ray media. The rewritable discs will be called TDK Professional Discs and will store a whopping 23.3 GB of data. The transfer rate of these bad boys is 72 Mbps, and they will be compatible with Sony’s Professional Disc System, XDCAM. The discs should be available this June. The future is coming, friends.

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hahah! LOL! you’d better make sure you have an sata raid 0 or 0+1, or better yet, a scsi raid array.  No way in the world that you can reach the 72 Mbps if you record from a single HDD unless you get a 15k rpm scsi drive.  Dont know if the speed is read or write, but if its a 1x write speed, our lame hardware has a long way to go.

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