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Friday December 8, 2006 4:02 pm

The Talking Plate Warns You of Gluttony

Turkey DinnerWorried about pigging out during the holidays? Ukrainian Dr. Hryhory Chausovsky of the Zaporizhia University Life Activities Laboratory has created the Talking Plate, which lets you know if it is overfilled. The plate measures 15 cm in diameter and is connected to a palm-size computer. Its integrated weigh sensors judge how much food is on the plate, and then issues nagging phrases such as, “Where’s your willpower?”

Although the plate is not yet available to the general public, Dr. Chausovsky has also invented other dining aids, such as a belt that issues a tone when you eat too much and a plate that plays music each time your fork hits the plate. “If the utensil strikes are too rapid, the plate will play fast and aggressive music while if the person eats more slowly, the music will be calmer and less stressful,” Chausovsky said.

We think we will stick to our usual over-feasting and just not look at the scales until 2007.

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