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Wednesday January 19, 2005 9:11 pm

Super Bowl 2005 to Use “Turf Cams”

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Super Bowl 2K5As if we didn’t already have enough views of grid iron brutality, Fox Sports’ coverage of this year’s Super Bowl (Feb. 6) may include pictures from miniature cameras embedded in the actual field turf.  Fox’s executive vice president Bill Brown recently announced that they will install 12 miniature cameras, mounted on angled tubes the size of eraser-heads throughout the field.  This way viewers will be able to see what it’s really like at the ground level, especially where the cameras line up with the line of scrimmage.  They’re hoping to catch maybe 5 or 6 plays where this happens.  It turns out that the cameras were already used in last summer’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game and during the playoffs and World Series, without any interference. 

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I heard about those cams used in MLB last year. There was one game when some player thought the camera was a distraction so he stomped the crap out of it

ya, i could see all these cameras getting crushed. i guess its better than the “in the paint” cam they used in the nba. personally, i had no desire to see up the shorts of nba players. that’s just me though.

Heh.. these cams sure will give a nice view of the field.  Now.. to install them in the mall, preferably near Hollister or Abercrombie =X

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